APPS: Roar like a dragon app (2013)


DRAGON DICTATION is a marvellous app for the folks in their golden years who hate typing on the those miniscule screen keyboards that iPhone and iPod use. If one can speak clearly then, this is the app for you. No clumsy jabbing at a miniature keyboard more appropriate for Tom Thumb than a person with normal sized hands. Instead of typing, one merely taps a recording button and speak their message. The app is amazingly accurate in capturing clearly spoken words. However, it struggles with slurred or mumbled speech and of course, it fails the challenge of chardonnay tainted or sauvignon slurred words. Under other, more normal conditions, the app converts dictation superbly, even inserting punctuation when asked to do so. A regular iPod/iPhone keyboard is available for words which a difficult to convert or end up being misspelled.

A user can forward or copy completed dictations via buttons for email, copying, Facebook, and Twitter and the ‘send’ button allows for engaging social networks, selecting a dictating language, activating name recognition from one’s own contact list and detection as to when speaking has ceased.

Short and sweet, this app is easy to use and very efficient at producing text of ‘one time messages.’ The only negative to the app that I can see is that dictations cannot be saved for later referral or use. Still, for a one-time memo or message writing with incredible accuracy, Dragon Dictation deserves a very high rating.

VOTTextPadSUPER NOTEFNOTESOTHER VOICE TO TEXT apps to consider: VOT, TextPad, Supernote and Fnotes. There are more, but I feel these are the cream of the APPS crop. But I would go out on a limb and say that none of them is as accurate as DRAGON DICTATION.

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