April 6

Rotzy celebrates another big one and doesn’t feel it at all. But then Rotzy lives in the Great White North where no one feels much of anything much of the year, even into April.

“From Nakina”…

Last Friday (Apr. 6)….

….was yours truly’s 73rd birthday. As it turns out, I can’t decide if I ‘hit 73’, ‘turned 73’, ‘became 73’, ‘reached 73’ or ‘made it to 73’? No matter…I AM 73. I gotta say a BIG ‘thank you’! for all the best wishes and kind words….especially the ‘kind’ words….like ”you don’t look a day over 83”, and ”really???you coulda fooled me”. The latter being in more of a derogatory form than complimentary methinks….and not making reference to the fact that, in spite of being a long-tyme ‘greybeard’, I still don’t have a single grey hair on top of my pumpkin. I think the final tally of well-wishers was near 70….most having come via Facebook*tm on Miz. Jo’s iPod….or is it iPad? as well as cards and emails. The ‘Facebook*tm thing’ meant I got messages from people I hadn’t seen or heard from in decades, some of whom I knew of but had never met, and a few I didn’t know from Adam….tho Jo Ann sorted out/named most of them for me. So….SO….as to ‘hitting, becoming, reaching, making it to 83’. Hey, that’s a LONG way off. As an aside, I might have previously made mention in this space about a ‘feeling’ I had in my late teens that I wasn’t gonna see my 30th….probably because of the way I drove in those days? when they called me ‘Leadfoot’. Anyway, glad I was wrong about that premonition…and thanks again!! Jeez! I almost forgot!! As a follow-up to my Annual Hide ‘Em Then Find ‘Em Easter Egg Hunt last Sunday here in “F/N” HQ….I FOUND egg #30!….a nice pink one….whilst watering plants in the West Wing last Friday!! However, I hasten to notify “From Nakina” readers the count still stands at 29 because the Hunt ends promptly at Noon on Easter Sunday. So….SO coming up with #30 five days later was somewhat ‘bittersweet’….hence, even tho I’m not fond of the pink ones, I ate it.

I Always Keep….
….a running/ongoing sheet of ‘notes’ on my desk for reference when I get around to writing the ”F/N” Column Sunday mornings. I may write a sentence or two on a certain subject/topic/target…during the week, I may add to it, take something away from it, or scratch it out completely. So….SOOOOO….fast/fwd the tape to right now….Sunday April 8th, 10:30AM….and Rotzy’s done drawn a blank!….in my memory bank. I’m sitting here, blankly staring at some (worse than usual) scribbling that reads ”PC Woes….Wed/Thurs”. That’s it, that’s all. And I don’t, for the life of me, know what the hell I was/am talking about!!?? I’m thinking/saying to myself “C’mon Toad, you can DO this, guy! Think!!” Then comes a reply….”Hey Toad….who are you kidding….you can’t remember what you had for supper last night, let alone some unrelated thing that happened three or four days ago”? Anyway, I just checked inside the folded page in case I’d written something there, and also for other scraps of paper. Nothing. Zilch. I’m sure the ”P/C” is the Ontario Conservatives….and I’ll go further out on the limb and say it had/has something to do with Dougie Ford’s Circus. Bet the mortgage on THAT one. But then I’m back in the blank zone. And, as always when I can’t remember stuff, I’m starting to get a headache. How about I do a ‘stay tuned’?

Randy Scheffee
Tho the Sports Director at TBTV will never be mistaken for Brian Williams or Rod Black, he might well be The Dean of Sports Announcers for N/N-W Ontario, and he was at the top of his game last Wed at suppertyme….looking ready for Halloween in his black shirt and orange tie, with matching jacket. He ALWAYS gives local sports plenty of air tyme, and he was pumping up the T Bay AAA Midget Kings’ series vs Manitoba. But his lengthy ‘closing item’ pretty much blew this olde guy away. Randy is a BIG fan of soccer….like the T Bay Chill….hence he REALLY got into the story on the Toronto FC. For those who don’t know (or care), that would be the Toronto Football Club, Hogtown’s pro soccer team, who share BMO Field with the Argos…the difference being TO F/C PACK the place every game! Last Wed Toronto is playing a ‘non-league’ game….methinks it’s called a ‘friendly’….vs a team from Mexico. Of course, BMO Field is full of 20 or 25,000 rabid TFC fans! So….SOOOOO….things got a little muddled for/with Randy right from the get-go….and Rotzy, who is NOT a soccer fan at all, was wondering what the heck he was talking about?? All I could get/understand from The Scheff was how the referee was seriously ‘warning’ both teams about ‘wearing clean underwear’ before the game got started! (*I am NOT making that up!) Yet some folks I know who are fans of ‘the world’s most popular sport’ cannot fathom why I am NOT one?! *I’m not making that up either!) Well, dont’cha know, the game wasn’t a very friendly ‘friendly’, and half-tyme featured a scrap between the Mexican team and the T.O Cops. Nice game you got there, Randy. He somehow made it through the clip without busting a gut, altho the olde guy nearly soiled myself. I certainly hope The Chill don’t behave like that down in The Big Turnip! ‘The world’s most popular sport’? Clean underwear? Whatever. I’d likely prefer to watch 10-pin Bowling.

*Thought Of The Day…I was taught to respect my elders, but it’s getting harder for me to find one.   (l.b.)

“From Nakina”…until next tyme.


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