Run Before the Wind, Stuart Woods

Will Lee ran from a life of Southern wealth and privilege to spend a peaceful summer on the coast of Ireland. But there is no peace in this beautiful, troubled land…

Restless and dissatisfied, Will dreams of shipbuilding and sailing on crystal-blue waters. Then an explosion of senseless violence drags the young American drifter into a lethal game of terror and revenge. Now Will Lee must run for his life from a bloody past that is not his own.

Richard comments
Anchors away, far away!

A reader who is an avid sailor, enjoys the ocean and loves being on a boat, especially a sail boat, will enjoy this book. Stuart Woods has a number of hobbies in which he is passionate. Flying is one, the other is sailing and this man can write about sailing.

In fact, Run Before the Wind is Woods’ letting loose about his love of sailing. The opening chapters are dedicated to the story of building a yacht in preparation for a competitive race from England to the Azores. Woven between the sailing bits is a suspenseful tale of the IRA and its embattlement with the English.

The thicker plot to give the book substance is about a young American who is trying to find his sea legs in life, his education, his relationship with women and his future career.

If your a book lover and a keen reader, the book is a good old-fashioned story filled with excitement and suspense.

If you are a writer, the book is an outstanding model of story development, polished prose and high adventure.

A good book that will be enjoyed by a particular readership rather than the broader audiences that the more popular books by Grisham, Baldacci and Child attract.


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