Sept 13 – No one’s happy with the campaign…wait till the election !

Rotzy’s another Canadian who is not happy with the campaign protests and justifiably so. But he’s also displeased with other things about the campaigners too. Read how he’s planning to vote though it may not be a very agreeable strategy for many voters. In any case, VOTE as it is a protected right for every Canadian citizen.

Please Say It Ain’t So!
    Back about six months or so….CVST (Covid Standard Time)….I mentioned right here in this space the ‘soon-to-be-opening’ Denny’s Restaurant over on the Wayne Gretzky Parkway….DENNY’S….that long-tyme ‘American institution of restaurants’. THEE place to eat for one and/or all. That’s all phine and dandy, but for yours truly the ‘drawing card’ was/is ‘Chicken Fried Steak’….w/ mashed potatoes, gravy and corn. Mmmmmm! Makes Rotzy’s mouth water just thinking about it. ‘Chicken Fried Steak’ is popular in the southern states, especially in Texas, altho it’s not really chicken at all, but ‘tenderized’ beef, quite often ground beef…and the golden, crispy, chickeny-seasoned coating is incredible!! (*I’m starting to drool) Anyway, I (quite accidentally) ‘found it’ at the Denny’s in upstate New York on the last day of a trip Miz. Jo and I made 25 or 30 years ago….with another couple through Vermont, New Hampshire and cetera to see the fall colours and we pulled off I-81 at Watertown, landing at Denny’s. I was going to have a steak…..likely sirloin….when suddenly I spotted ‘Country Fried Steak’ on their menu!….well, the accompanying picture said Chicken Fried Steak all over it, even tho we were well north of the Mason-Dixon Line and three days from Amarillo. I asked the waitress and she said ‘yes sir’! Bingo!!! Hence, that, and that alone is why Rotzy has been keeping an eye on the progress of Denny’s ‘debut’ in Brant’s Ford….s–t….for all I know, their first in Ontario (*see below), or even in Canada??!! Well folks….’twas like the movie ‘Bad Day At Black Rock’ yesterday (Fri), as I drove Norm The Truck southbound on the WGP, noticing the Denny’s signs were/are GONE! I got off the gas and craned my wretched neck backward until I damned near drove into the clotch/gulch. ”THIS is no “F/N” good, Toad”, I growled (to myself) “And what WILL they put in there now? Another Timmy’s? That’ll make it 196 or 97 Hortons in Btfd! Well, maybe a ‘new’ pizza joint….to fit in with 23 ‘chains’ and 122 ‘independents’….or ‘indies’ if you prefer. Wait…..Burger King!!….there are zero Burger Kings in  The Telephone City! Go figure. Sorry, but a bagfull of Whoppers with cheese don’t replace a Denny’s Country Fried Steak! Poop/s–t on Denny’s….they’re the heck of me!! (*UPDATE*….our #2 “F/N” Proof Reader tells me there is a Denny’s at Whitby….but Whitby’s likely outta Rotzy’s driving range, and I don’t mean golf. Stay tuned. [There’s a Denny’s in the heart of Pickering too.]

Readers Write
    And this one has some COVID-related points that get right to the point….check ’em out. *Do you think that we’re living in a generation that would ‘unplug your life-support just to charge their cellphone’?! (LOL?!) Yeah right!….that’s about as funny as syphyllis. I mean HAVING it, not GETTING it!! **I can’t believe I’m living in a world that is ‘reassigning’ the gender of a plastic potato! You think? ***Why don’t the 99% of us who don’t get offended by EVERYTHING quit ‘catering to/kissing the collective asses of’ those who do??!! (*note* by the bye, the whining/crying/bitching by that 1% is gonna go up a notch or ten as they’re gonna be outta ‘bounds’ for more and more ‘daily routine living stuff’ that those of us who have been vaccinated call normal. But as we’ve been told (for FAR too long now) they DO have their rights (*see below), you know. I heard a woman interviewed on radio the other day whining about how she’s been labelled ‘anti-vaccie’ by others and how tough it is for her these days! Imagine. I can’t know how people know WHAT she is…..’pro’ or ‘anti’??!! Yours truly can’t tell the difference either way from a mere glance. Suppose she’s toting a big ‘I Have Rights’ sign around all day with her? Thanks for your emails and keep ’em coming.

Elections….And Other Stupid Stuff
    Let’s make this right clear right here and now…to those anti-vaccine protesting morons who ‘have rights’….that you’re so ****ed up over Rights you don’t know HOW to protest! or that you have NO RIGHTS (*see above) to throw gravel or anything else at a P/M, MP or MP wannabe, AND a group of health workers (a vaccine crew?) The fact you weren’t jailed is a sad-as statement as to how people’s RIGHTS have clouded up Rights from Wrongs. Anyway, back to the election, and I regret to say my feelings/opinion/stance on it, which, by the bye, and today being Sun Sept 12th, is ONE “F/N” week from tomorrow, so….SO….Rotzy gets even more upset/angrier/steamed/pissed every tyme I hear the words election OR any ‘derivates’ thereof. Also, I’m seeing clear as day how Junior Trudeau has made this fiasco all about ‘ME’! (that’s him, not me, if you get my drift.) His larger than ever pumpkin swept the $2 Billion dollar ‘WE’ Mistake/Blunder/Carcass under the carpet in The House, with the most sorry-ass ‘apology’ Rotzy’s ever heard. Hey….only $2 B’s….of course Mom Maggie, J.T et la famille made mega bucks from ‘WE’ before it went tits-up. OK, OK, OK, OK….that’s enough of that s–t….yours truly and Miz. Jo gotta decide SOON whether we’re gonna vote or boycott….the latter would/will happen in the form of an intentionally spoiled ballot. A vote/votes would go toward Erin O’Toole, but right now I’m thinking MY rights are leaning toward the ruined ballot….and any little ‘pangs of guilt’ I was dealing with a week ago have slip-slided away. So….SO….usually at this point in a pre-election “From Nakina” column I’d offer up a “vote as you like, but VOTE”. But not so in 2021. It’s tyme to say ‘goodbye to’ The ME-ME-ME Guy’. ‘Nuff said!

Whatever Happened To….?
    We’re trying something new/different in this week’s “F/N” column….perhaps follow up next week and after with stuff the readership sends in, whether you’re asking and/or telling….because most, if not all of my subjects, are not in the limelight any more, in fact possibly on the wrong side of the lawn. Yes I know I could Google*tm them, but better to hear it from y’all! So for starters here we go! *(1/ Whatever happened to Mike Duffy? and does ANYBODY care? Rotzy’s ‘favourite’ senator (with a smallish Beluga Head had to be the best ‘Double Dipper’ ever to grace the Red Chamber. And ”if bulls–t was brass, good olde Mike would be John Philip Sousa”!! **2/ What ever happened to Tiny Tim? No, not the little crippled kid in Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’, the ukelele strumming, whistling, and singing voice like no other (thankfully) putting out several ‘hit songs’ like Tip Toe Through The Tulips! Perhaps he’s tip-toeing at the Pearly Gates. ***3/ Whatever happened to Chief Theresa Spence the ex-Chief at Attawapiskat Reserve in Northern Ontario….NOT the most Honest In’jun when it came to handling her Band’s finances!! (along with her ‘boyfriend’). Whoa! Bet’cha she could show Beluga Head a trick or two! Everybody ‘tired of her’ and her starvation diet on an island they ‘claimed’ in the Ottawa River right near Parliament Hill. She got a ‘FAIL’ for the diet as she was surely near 200. Has anybody spotted her? And let us know for next week’s edition who/whom you are wondering about. Send comments to

*Thought Of The Day…Word has it that NBC has pulled the fall showing of The Wizard Of Oz….yes, the one with Judy Garland, Ray Milland et al….from their lineup as it is offensive to people without a brain.

***UPDATE***Mon 13th….5:30AM Jane Brown on Zoomer News….’Protests’ planned today by the ‘anti-vaccies’ group at hospitals, focus on Tor. General Hosp. about their ‘rights’ no doubt. I said they’d be ‘kicking it up a notch’ last week but this tyme they’ve been told flat out to keep their unruly shouting matches away from Tor. Gen….and all hospitals! Stay tuned!! 



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