Sept 9 – considering athletic engagement again…feeling his oats

Feeling good…so considering athletic engagements

As My Initial “F/N” Proof-Reader….
….after going through last week’s column, rather than saying ‘nice job, ‘good one’, ‘it’s too long’ and cetera, Miz. Jo quipped ‘thank God you didn’t mention your ongoing ‘Diarrhea’ and your non-stop ‘Road Rage incidents’ again this week!! Oooops! Hey….message received loud and clear….guilty as charged….and I’d best apologize to the readership for my incessant ramblings, after re-reading the last 2 or 3 columns it’s pretty obvious Rotzy might have been ‘a tad repetitive’, if you get my drift. Altho I might add that there has been some interest from readers on both topics. Whatever. We/I will just slide them onto the backburner for now.

And In Their Place….
….we’ll catch y’all up on recent ‘goings on’ here at #555 Harris Place, of which there is no shortage. Saturday was the 2nd Annual Parking Lot Sale. Each spot was $10, with the proceeds going to Crime stoppers, and altho I’m told that there were only half as many ‘vendors’ as last year, the numerous signs and balloons drew a good crowd from passing traffic!! As always, these very common sales usually offer a lot of ‘interesting’ things up for grabs, and just as much ‘junk’. If not more. Some pottery caught Jo Ann’s eye, as did a couple scented candles, so of course it smelled like an apple orchard here in unit #303 yesterday aft. Anyway, the most popular/unpopular/non-stop discussion here at #555 for the past two weeks….and still counting….is that elevator #2 is not working!….something about water down at the bottom of the shaft. In fact, the entire building was without water last Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM….now that was funn!! Initially we were told Aug 30th for the re-opening of it, then it went to Sept 6th. I’m writing this Sun Sept 8th, the yellow plastic (‘crime scene’ style) tape still covers Ella #2’s doors, and the Harris Place Grapevine said ‘3 or 4 more days’, as yours truly rode up on #1 earlier this ayem. Lovely. To add to that problem, there is a fire alarm drill coming up this week, which could be quite interesting. I’m also finding conversations with other residents are usually not in favour of Skyline Living, the kindly keepers/owners of the property…..very few of us are inclined to say something like ”oh well, what can you do? It’ll be fixed soon”. The majority are very sure of ”what you can do”, tho I’d best not say it right here in this space….and several of those quickly add ”that’s why I’m moving”. How ’bout I give y’all a ‘stay tuned’ on this hot topic.

On A Happier Note….
….in truth, ‘ecstatic’ is more like it, especially if you’re a Canadian tennis fan….or simply a Canadian….as Bianca Andreescu became the first Canadian to capture the US Women’s Open Saturday afternoon!! Vs none other than Serena Williams, who at 37 years of age (nearly twice Bianca’s 19 years!) has practically dominated the sport for ages, while considered by many to be the greatest Women’s Tennis player ever. But our Canuck gal….do you also find it interesting that she is now ‘ours’?….who is of Romanian heritage, was not only up for the challenge, she virtually dominated the match. And some of the ‘experts’ are saying Bianca is poised and has the potential to dominate the sport. Maybe like Serena has been doing? Whatever. It was a great moment in Canadian sports history and has brought Canadian tennis into the limelight! O Canada!!! However, the Canadian pride bubble burst a couple hours after the tennis stadium had emptied out as the Toronto Blue Jays, Canada’s Baseball Team….well, we called them that in 1992/93….went down in flames vs The Rays in Tampa Bay, yet ANOTHER ‘sweep’ by the opposition.(*see below) So, once more those who run the Jays call it ‘a re-building year’….again/still. Call it what you want, their record is absolutely dismal!! Oddly enough, Tampa Bay has a fine won/loss record, yet their crowds are no bigger than Tronna gets. They’re looking for a new stadium, if not a new home. Steee-rike three!

‘Outings’ And Stuff
Miz. Jo and Rotzy are keeping fairly active here in Brant’s Ford, and unless it’s a place/stop that is on my day to day ‘buckboard (shopping) run’ we refer to it as an ‘outing’. Such as the aforementioned Parking Lot Sale held here yesterday. Also included are things like our trip down Olde Hwy #99 to Dundas early Friday afternoon to visit with nieces and nephews. Yours truly is off this aft to a ‘guys only’ gathering of olde football types who had played in the Annual Brantford Boxing Day Bowl Game, which used to take place at Mohawk Park. Not sure if it still is going on….there would surely be an ‘age factor’ if so….but back in the 90’s I saw a couple games and played in one….and for sure there was brown pop involved, after and during the game. Today’s get together will see some guys inducted into The Hall of Fame and y’all can bet the mortgage there will be bulls–t galore. Betting/bragging on favourite NFL teams and putting back some BBQ burgs and con carne. Not to mention trying to put a name to a face you haven’t seen in 30-50 years!! That’s when the BS gets really heavy. As to further ‘outings’, with this major baseball facility just across the Wayne Gretzky Parkway, I’ve gotten into the habit of going over Saturday and/or Sunday to see parts of two or three games….Girls Under 16 Fastball, which is fantastic!….Men’s Recreation (Beer League) Slo Pitch, which is mostly NOT fantastic (*see above)…Youth Mixed Slo Pitch, which is funn and at tymes funny. Oh….I almost forgot the #555 Harris Place Friday Happy Hour, but they bumped the starting tyme back and we can’t fit it in. Because we’re already at some other outing.

*Thought Of The Day…If 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, why are there locks on the doors?

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