Sept: Fall’s coming too soon

Fall is coming too soon for me!

Brrr, fall is coming!

Leaves are already beginning to turn colours. Wind is biting a bit more now. And any rain is cold to the touch. Morning air temps are very low and in the single digits.

Pumpkins and pumpkin pies are dancing through my head. The smell of pumpkin spice in the Tim Hortons coffee shops is lingering.

Thoughts of fall cleanup and winter preparations are already boring their way into my mind. Feels like I just finally got the pool open (very late this year) and am ready to shut it down within a couple of weeks.

Oh. Did we have summer? I can’t seem to remember.

Hope to get a few more rides on the motorcycle before I have to put it away as well. My wife Darlene was only on it once this season.

On August 31, we celebrated my mother’s 90th birthday (Sep 2) and my parents’ 70th Anniversary (Sep 17). Lots of family, friends and church friends came to join us in celebration.

Happy Birthday 
Mom Elfriede !!







Are you ready for the fall everyone? Get the logs ready for the fire…

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