TECH HELP: A spaghetti bowl of TECH help with WIN 10 and more

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This page is under regular modification and development. It is a summary of helpful tech information.

Click on the links presented to explore useful sites and internet locations relating to technology.

My favourite websites and why:

1. Shortcut keys to Microsoft WIN 10:  SHORTCUT KEYS to WIN 10 

2. ZDNET a tech support site that deserves exploration time, especially its “MORE” menu:

2.  Youtube: an amazingly varied assortment of help, information and entertainment:

3. CNET: another excellent computer information site with many useful downloads.
Check it out at CNET

4. CLOUD storage refers to Internet storage sites for renting space to safely store your computer material. Remember every computer crashes and risks loss of all the data it contains. The best known cloud storage sites are:


5. NOTES taking – these applications are the best for keeping notes:





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