Grey Quills
is the association of writers and commentators, “older adults 55+,” who write from personal views and broad and varied experience. Their aim is to help other older adults 55+ age better.


Agnes is a Senior Fitness Instructor in training and a RN, GNC(C), CPMHNC(C) – Gerontological Nurse Certified (Canada), Certified in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing (Canada). She cautions that everyone should consult their DOCTOR before they begin any exercise program.

BRUNO’s ramblings…
is a retired building and construction professional who lives in Oshawa. He is an avid motorcyclist who loves to travel with his wife when he isn’t playing with his grandkids.

In EVA’s opinion…
 is a former teacher who taught in Toronto for the TCDSB
. Retired now but leading a very active and energetic lifestyle, she is a very active and energetic grandmother who travel globally with her husband, engages dynamically with the children of her two sons, paints and draws and writes.

 is a registered dietitian and a dietary consultant to private individuals as well as corporations. She holds a BASc degree from the University of Guelph and currently works resident
nutritionist and dietitian for Loblaws after teaching health and diet studies at Durham College part-time for over five years. 


DEMO’s desk…
is the site’s resident financial guru. Married with two young daughters, he is well aware of good budgeting and solid investing. Read his timely financial advice.

Erma writes…

Erma has been writing for many years, a passion, a hobby, and a flame. Her wide-ranging topics invite readers ponder, “What if….”

FERMO barks…
Fermo is a Scottish terrier born in 2012. He celebrates his birthday in March, making him a Pisces. He really should be a Taurus or a Capricorn because he is such a stubborn, independent thinking Scottie. But his most redeemable trait, he loves people.’

Heather reviews…
An elementary school educator (teacher, resource teacher, consultant, principal) for 32 years, Heather finally retired to her reader’s corner to read full time for her own enjoyment and educational growth.  Throughout her life, she always had a book in hand and this her passion for learning and interest in people continues unabated. Her genre topics vary but her goal is consistent: to share her perspectives and perceptions of the books she has read with others and to encourage others to pick up a book and read.

In REG’s view…
Reg,  a retired engineer dedicated to family, travel and Mexican sunshine, Has worked at General Motors in Detroit. He continues to write commentaries about the auto industry and technology. He is a passionately patriotic Canadian with dynamic and poignant views about the current government of the United States. 

RICHARD writes
 jack of all trades, master of none, writes, teaches, moderates, chairs, and learns…never stopping. His hobbies are varied: cooking but not dedicated enough; writing but does so with erratic spontaneity. Ever the optimist, but smiling, ceaselessly laments that life could be better.

ROTZY’s desk…
our resident Ontario wilderness prospector and gold rusher, Bob and his partner, the divine Miz Jo, retired from the bustle of southern Ontario to a cottage home on a small lake in the village of Nakina, Ont. Ya gotta look it up! Get a taste of life in the cosmopolitan digs of Nakina by reading his rural riffs from Nakina!

TODD’s reflections…
  father, engineer, humanitarian, working at making the world a better place for us all, little by little, a little bit more every day. He continues working on humanitarian projects today as he has all his life and the world benefits from his endeavours.