TWO ways to better organize you FILES/FOLDERS:

  1. Use “@ ” to prioritize
    Rename the FILE/FOLDER with “@ ” as the prefix. Change the file/folder name from “Fermo” to “@ Fermo” and the file/folder will jump to the top of the list in your file/folder listings in whatever file/folder manager you use. Try it and watch how the newly named file/folder jumps to the top of the list.

    2. Use numbers to precede names of the files/folders

    Renaming your file/folders with a number, “01 name,” “02 name,” will reorganize the files/folders as per the preceding number. To demonstrate, examine the list below:

    “01 zoos”
    “02 albatross
    “03 zoology
    “04 author”
    “05 zoastrology”
    “06 books”

    Notice the titles are irrelevant to the list organization. Rather they are listed according to your assigned numerical prefix. Imagine how you can order your files/folders into your own priority rather than the computer’s sort order.

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