EDITORIAL: Social integration today…blasted away

Social integration today…going the way of the dodo (look it up)…ok young people, your chance to change things and improve the world….go for it.

Where have the good old days gone, the days when you could say to a person, “That’s a very nice suit,” or “Nice shoes” or “Great haircut?”

Our world is amazingly fast at criticizing a person that comments the way we did in the past. Now such compliments are seen as being out of place, out of order. They are viewed as “damnable praise.” Though, there are people who are abusive and evil but learn who they are and act accordingly. Consider whether it is right to condemn everyone, paint everyone with the same brush, when so many people mean well when they give praise.

It’s coming down to the only one who does not criticize such things readily is my dog!  Thank goodness I am still able to say things to someone, to him, things like “Good boy,” “Well done” “You look nice with that coat all shiny and combed.”

Acknowledged, some people abuse complimenting and are corrupt with malicious or malevolent intent. Should we throw out the baby with the bathwater? Rather than permitting honest praise, positive recognition or acknowledgement of appearance, work, or action, we choose to disallow any comments whatsoever. The attitude is that we must work toward social neutrality, social greyness…toward nothing. 

In working toward egalitarianism, equality and uniformity, we are building a world where everyone is the same, treated the same, looking the same, and not allowing any individuality as individuality leads us down the road of segregation, polarization and isolation.

We won’t belabour the dreary road we are now travelling. We will end with the final word…we miss the good old days. “You look nice” doesn’t mean ‘I want to have sex with you.’ If you don’t want to hear it from me ever, tell me. but don’t chastise me for praising you, for complimenting you, for admiring you. My words are not intended to be demeaning. They are intended to be elevating…but if you do not want and have no need for elevation, so be it…tell me so.


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