EDITING – Some considerations about editing costs

editing 2Editing is a crucial process to publishing a piece of writing. No matter whether an email, a letter, a short story or a novel, the writer must polish the work before publishing it.

Cost consideration
Hiring a professional editor is a consideration to be made if the publication is to be public. No writer wants to publish any work for public viewing that reflects poorly on them. Therefore, editing is the process by which the work is polished and buffed for public viewing.

Every writer must consider whether to edit on their own or whether to hire some else. There are pros and cons to each side.

Professional editing should be considered if the piece is a major work
Novels, compilations of short stories, these kinds of major pieces must receive serious editing attention, usually choosing a professional. Professionals are likely to save the writer energy and time, polishing and delivering a final work of excellence.

However, professionals can be expensive. Hence, writers must consider their budget along with whether or not their piece deserves the best in editing service.

Here is one example of a professional editors costs. These costs are approximations, varying from editor to editor, writer’s material and what kind of editing is sought.

Here is the sample:


Includes two hours of consultation time, during which we will create a plan of action that will get you started on your life story. Together, we’ll settle on your theme(s), tone/style, purpose, audience, approximate length, timeline, and detailed outline. At the end of our one-on-one session together, you’ll be motivated to begin the writing process with confidence and passion.

If you already have a manuscript written but you’re not sure what to do next, let me take a close, professional look at it and offer suggestions for improvement. This package includes a thorough reading of your book and a written report, offering critique and suggestions for taking your book manuscript to the next level.

Craft a letter to your loved ones that describes the beliefs, values, and philosophies you acquired from your years of living. We’ll sit together for up to 2 hours of interviews in order to capture the wisdom and the values you hold dear and pass these lessons on to future generations. The package includes full editing and proofreading of your letter so that it’s all ready to give to your family, friends, or community. The finished letter is presented in an elegant folder and also as a digital file.

Recount one aspect of your life: one story, one struggle, one triumph, or one period of deep growth or high adventure. This might include a travel tale, entrepreneurial/business triumph, life transition, survival story, book of remembrance, engagement/wedding book, or pet tribute. Share this vignette to preserve it for all time to come. This package includes up to 4 hours of interviews and is presented as both a coil-bound book and as a digital file.

Includes two 2-hour up-front meetings to determine theme(s), tone/style, purpose, audience, approximate length, timeline, and detailed outline. Once the plan is set, we’ll have one 1-hour meeting every week (or on your preferred schedule) where your “assignments” will be “due.” During these working telephone meetings, I will make suggestions, guiding you through rewrites and improvements. Editing, proofreading, or publishing support is available at an additional cost.

Tell me your life story, with guiding questions. We’ll sit for up to 10 hours of interviews, after which I’ll present to you a completely unedited transcript of the story you told me, in your own words. This package is presented as both a coil-bound book and as a digital file.

Enjoy the process of telling me about your life during up to 10 hours of interviews as a way to preserve your whole life story as a legacy for your family and maybe even the greater world. From the time of your birth to present day, you can share any or all of your experiences and document them. After the interviews, I transcribe your words and edit them only enough to ensure your story is readable and clear but your authentic voice is preserved. Proofreading included. With this package, you’ll receive your life story as both a coil–bound book and as a digital file.

This package is the same as Your Life Story except that it includes up to 12 hours of interview time. Also, once the manuscript is complete, I’ll provide final edits and proofreading and then format your manuscript for self-publishing your book in softcover on Amazon and either coach you through the self- publishing process or do it for you. Includes book cover design.

This package includes up to four 2-hour telephone meetings to determine theme(s), tone/style, purpose, audience, approximate length, timeline, detailed outline, and any notes or other content you have to provide. Then I will take the information and write a book up to 40,000 words in length (or about 160 pages), conducting any necessary research, writing, editing (with up to two revisions), proofreading, book formatting, cover design, and self- publishing support.

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