Special credit card for online use only.

Get a special card, strictly for use online.

Safeguard your money
We want to safeguard your money almost as much as you do. Here are some ideas for protecting your hard earned cash.

Special card
Get a credit card strictly for use with online purchases. Instead of exposing your household credit card to the broad world of hackers and scammers, get a card strictly for online transactions.

Purchase limitation
An additional safeguard, have the credit card company put a spending limit on the card, so if the card is hacked, your liability is limited.
On that note, you should know credit card companies are excellent at safeguarding your money provided you are a client in good standing [ paying your statements regularly and on time ] Monitor your cards on a regular basis and if you have problems of any sort, immediately contact the credit card company.
Fighting fraudsters and scammers is very serious business for all credit card companies. Therefore, they will help you get your card back in order, quickly and easily, should you run into problems with it.

Check your financial statements often
Monitor your bank statements, credit card statements religiously and regularly. One site visitor does this every morning with her morning tea and toast. She says, “Because I do it every day, it takes me minutes to update my financial information.” An envious routine that many would be advised to make into their own daily routine. Still, the point is one needs to be very aware of their financial activity, an exercise which should be done often and regularly.

Regular monitoring of financial statements makes the task quick and easy. As importantly, it also gives one peace of mind. Consider making it part of your daily routine.


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