STUPIDITY and sickness – the terminal illnesses of America today

Over 300 mass shooting in the first six months of 2022! 100 deaths per day! Plus more than 300 woundings per day!

It is well past the time when these SO-CALLED RESPONSIBLE gun OWNERS lived up to their RESPONSIBILITY. Time to set aside the EXCUSES and FALSE DISTRACTIONS from the REALITY of the situation. If this group continues to avoid the issues, then the DECENT MAJORITY must take charge of the situation.

This could lead to an outright BAN on ALL GUNS with more stringent licensing and control of access to firearms.  Misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment along with many other issues with the 300 yr old Constitution and STUPID ANTIQUATED rules that allow for government to be STALLED by the LUNITIC FRINGE MINORITY must evolve or the US is destined for the “SCRAP HEAP OF HISTORY”.

It is TIME for a TOTAL RESET back to a Government “of The PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE”. There was a time when the GOP existed as a DECENT group of people but this has DEGENERATED to have been taken over by the LUNATIC FRINGE who seem to have no concept of DECENCY or how a DEMOCRACY is supposed to work or even the meaning and RESPONSIBILITIES of FREEDOM. These are NOT Democrat vs Republican or LEFT vs RIGHT issues. These are simply RIGHT vs WRONG and INTELLIGENCE vs STUPIDITY issues.



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