GRIPES: Telus, tell them, tell everyone…your interests aren’t theirs

Just spent 2 hours resolving abrupt disruption of cell service from this mobility company. What a story….

Telus may not be making as much money from me as they would like but they are still cashing in.

I dont use my phone much, likely fewer than 10 times a month. You read that right, less than 10 times a month. My partner knows where I am and that I will be back eventually. No one else cares where I am. So I have little use for a cell phone. Maybe to check the calendar or check my email, but even those things I seldom use as I fear being charged an exorbitant fee for little service.

So, today, I took my phone with me and when I wanted to make a call I got a computer generated explanation that I had no paid time remaining on my phone. Dead air!

Auto top up
A couple of years ago, I had a lengthy discussion with Telus about another disruption of service. The short of it again, no money in my account but I could buy their automatic top up service for a fee. The fee sounded reasonable for what I was to get, whenever the account dropped below $5, my credit card would be accessed to automatically top up the account, thereby ensuring that I had continuous service.

A month ago, my account had $61.05 in it which for some reason or other was going to be “lapsed” due to non-use. Don’t ask me what that means. But I do understand when my phone bot tells me you cannot use the phone due to lack of funds in the account.

I didn’t shout. I didn’t yell. But I was very firm and very indignant and repeated that possibly terminating the account and moving to a competitor might be my best solution.

The short of all, after a quite poignant and pointed couple of hours, Telus, not only restored the lost $61.05 but added the promise of 6 months of free top-up service at no charge. It took 2 hours of explanation, persuasive rebuttals, and hard arguing to get to this point. I logged everything from rep name to Case # and made myself a reminder note to contact TELUS in February to confirm the status of my phone.

The lessons
1. Write down the problem you are having and what you want to be done. Consider that there should be some restitution or compensation by the company for the unacceptable service. Be certain you are clear and precise in your complaint and what you want.

2. Log everything from rep’s name, spelled out if you cannot understand it the first time, the case #, the callback phone number, and extension, the date and time and the issue.

3. Be calm, confident and cool and hear what they have to offer you in terms of resolving the problem/complaint and the compensation to you for the anxiety and unacceptable service disruption you have suffered.

You will have success….believe it!

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