TEXT BLAZE – does the typing for you!

Stop typing the same text over and over. Have it typed for you using just 2-3 keyboard clicks. For example, instead of typing my email address in full each time it is required, I simply type “/z” and it is typed in full for me.

If you have some text that you type over and over, TEXT BLAZE is your app. Type the text in the app, once. Decide on the key selection you want to trigger the text and, poof…the next time you use that key selection, the associated text snippet will be typed for you.

Free, practical, productive…TEXT BLAZE is the app that will save you time, prevent erroneous typos and reduce your computer time.

  • Easy to use
  • Convenient and practical
  • Increase your efficiency, painlessly.




Try it out for free: TEXT BLAZE

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