BOOK_NEWS: The members were as sharp as ever

The members comments at our most recent club meeting were as sharp as could be…I felt every prick of those verbal jabs ladies!

I still wont recommend that Walter book. He wasted 15 years composing it…would have been better off sitting down and sticking to it for 15 weeks…and would likely have produced a better book.

Speaking with T. Fallis, there is no money in publishing. Ya mean they do it all out of love…oh yeah!!!


Our next read is feeling like it may be more in line with my idea of a novel, linear, no literary diversions, clear, crisp dialogue, nicely developing characters and suspense and intrigue. The president cant be the murderer or else the United States of America is finished. Additionally, if Truman were to make the President guilty of the crime, her book would never have gotten off the ground, though now days no sacred cow is unassailable.

It is going to be interesting how a female writes about White House crime compared to the likes of a male author such as David Baldacci, one of my favourites…but I wont draw comparisons, much !!!


Veta, as moderator for next month, you will have your work cut out with this book. These are my kind of books but maybe it would be best to keep me in check so I have my eyes opened to how others perceive this book.

Regards to all,


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