The resident ARTIST

Painting improves health, in many ways but the greatest benefits are in memory and brain activity.

Our resident artist, Jutta Van Huss, is a great example of how painting leads to even more health-improving activities.


Jutta Van Huss

The paintings featured on the website frontispiece are the work of Jutta Van Huss, an energized “55+ er” who paints, pickleballs, and public services. The accomplished painter’s path to becoming a recognized artist is as convoluted as it is interesting.

Touched by a Teutonic pixie’s serendipity, Jutta returned to her birth country after high school to work and tour Europe. There she met and wed her husband, an American GI. She and now hubby decided to settle in Canada in 1971 and raised 4 children ( includes a set of twins ) there. Mom was has always been involved in many volunteer activities and many other activities that came her way. She re-entered the world of the gainfully employed once her youngest were in school and at the same time decided to pursue a degree in psychology. The grandmother of 10 loves spending time with all her grandchildren who keep her young. She gardens; she knits; she Zumbas; she euchres; she travels; she ballroom dances; she volunteers; she serves on committees for the City of Pickering…whew…there’s more. She converses in studied languages, French, Spanish; has taught ESL and when she has the time, reads voraciously. Did we say that in addition to all these endeavors, she also paints?

This modest, unassuming artist does not view herself as an ideal model for adult 55+’s. Rather, she lives life as a rich endeavour filled with abundant opportunities for enhancing every day. Her philosophy for living might be “You reap what you sow. So, sow much !”

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