TODD’s bio

Meet our newest contributor, a man whose life’s vocation has been to work to improve the world he lives in, little by little, as much as he can.

Todd Stong is an engineer who has served in Vietnam and worked on improving people’s lives throughout the world. He has helped Africans source water, has helped recover a lake in Mexico ruined by pollution, helped Mexican’s not only feed themselves but harvest a marketable crop from agra-fish farming. He has raised 6 sons who have followed in their father’s footsteps, all are engineers.

Todd is an older adult who cares about the world, about its condition and about its future. He has strong opinions which sometimes are contrary to the regular flow of most people.

His reflections, though varied and diverse, will focus on the world we live in and what is happening to it. He is a believer in climate change but takes an optimistic stand believing that the world is not doomed as many tend to believe, provided mankind begins to act in constructive and positive ways now.

Watch for Todd’s reflections posted on the website posts which may be published on an irregular basis because Todd continues his humanitarian work even as he winters in Mexico, but not lounging. Instead, every day he helps improve life for Mexicans living in the region around Lake Chapala and Ajijic, Mexico.

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