RICHARD's desk...: Top 10 predictions for 2018

Top TEN predictions for 2018…
__________bet on ’em!

1. Liberals will win provincial election
Oops, Wrong on that one !

Ontario will have an election in June. At this time, the PC party, led by Patrick Brown, has a very significant lead in the polls. Sad to say, he will lose. And the winner is…Kathleen Wynne! [ Update: Brown resigns as the leader due to sexual harassment allegations. I just might have the last laugh here after all. ]

2. Major calamity in American government
This one is too easy. The US will have at least three major upheavals in their government and in the political status quo:

i. Democratic Party returns to majority power
The Democrats will do very well in the upcoming congressional election but not as well as the pundits expect or predict. They will win a majority, but not an overwhelming one.

ii. Trump presidency ends
Donald Trump will have a major change in his office. Either there will be a constitutional revolution and he will be removed from office through that change OR Investigator Robert Mueller will finally make a legal move and charge Trump and some of his family members with something major, obstruction of justice, perjury, collusion with a foreign government in an American election or something totally unexpected like tax fraud/tax evasion for which there is the penalty of imprisonment.

iii. Mike Pense becomes next president of USA
Mike Pense will become the next president of the US and will grant Donald Trump a full pardon.

3. History repeats itself
Just like the Cuban missile crisis of the 1960’s, there will be a standoff crisis between North Korea and the USA with the US blockading North Korea using nearly its entire US fleet. Kim Jung Un will not push the nuclear button.


 4. NAFTA will be abrogated
 Canada will sign separate bilateral agreements with the USA and another with Mexico. No one will be happy except Trump who is pleased to have upset another apple cart.


 5. Pittsburgh Steelers win the Super Bowl
Oops, Wrong on that one !

I predicted “The luck of the New England will not hold in Super Bowl LII (52) and they will lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers by 12 points, 34 – 22. Pittsburgh was outplayed by Jacksonville Jaguars, 45-42. Their game never started till the second half. Playoffs are a full game.”
Correcting my prediction: Swallowing my pride and puttin’ my money on New England.


 6.  European balance of power shifts to France
European Balances of Power will shift significantly:

Britain’s Theresa May will lose the office of Prime Minister. Even though France’s leader, Macron, seems to be not much more than a cookie, France will become the new dominant country of Europe! Germany’s Merkle will retire. 

 7. UN ambassador Nicky Halley contests leadership of Republican Party presidential candidacy with Ivanka Trump.
Nicky Halley will win the leadership of the Republican party as their candidate for the American Presidency. Her only rival will be Ivanka Trump who will be painted with the DJT brush, justifiably or not. It will do her in and she will lose to Nicky Halley who will become America’s first female president in 2020.


 8. Pickering power plant license renewed proving citizens of the province are ‘nobodies’ to Queen’s Park bureaucrats
The license for the Pickering Nuclear Power plant will be renewed even with all the demonstrations and evidence proving the plant is a huge danger. People built the Titanic. People still think they are masters of their own destiny. Foolhardiness!

 9.  The mayoralty campaign in Toronto will be taken to new depths when Doug Ford begins to sling mud after losing the bid for the provincial PC leadership.
Oops, Wrong on that one !
The Toronto mayoralty race will be the greatest mud-slinging match in the history of Ontario municipal politics. Doug Ford will still lose to John Tory who will remain on the high road of the political journey to becoming the Mayor of Toronto again. Doug Ford is desperate to return to the public limelight somewhere but all but a core of Torontonians see past his bluster and boasting. A Trump wannabie in the failing!


 10. Leafs fall….AGAIN !
Torontonians will have their hearts broken once again by the hapless Maple Leafs. The Leafs will reach the playoffs but lose a
heartbreaking series in the first round of the playoffs. Mike Babcock will not be blamed.


Put your money down…these are sure bets !

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