TOTAL CONTROL, David Baldacci

When her husband mysteriously disappears in a plane crash into the Virginia countryside, a devastated wife must sort out truth from lies in this page-turning New York Times bestseller.

Sidney Archer has it all: a husband she loves, a job at which she excels, and a cherished young daughter. Then, as a plane plummets into the Virginia countryside, everything changes. And suddenly there is no one whom Sidney Archer can trust.

Jason Archer is a rising young executive at Triton Global, the world’s leading technology conglomerate. Determined to give his family the best of everything, Archer has secretly entered into a deadly game. He is about to disappear–leaving behind a wife who must sort out his lies from his truths, an accident team that wants to know why the plane he was ticketed on crashed, and a veteran FBI agent who wants to know it all.

Richard comments
A reader cannot go wrong with a Baldacci book The writer creates stories that rivet one’s attention and entertain usually from cover to cover. 

Every author has some works that are better than others. Total Control sticks to that pattern. It is many pages before the story becomes engaging. In fact, this reader had to check the cover a number of times to confirm it was a Baldacci book. Slow to start, the Baldacci aura lights up about a third of the way into the book and the story then takes flight. The plot is sound. The story entertaining. There are times the believability is tested when the heroine, Sidney Archer, does what she does to escape. But cutting Baldacci some slack, one will still find the book an enjoyable read. Baldacci never disappoints.

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