Tough times don’t last, tough people do!

These are tough times, the COVID pandemic anxieties increase, the repercussions of which, on me at least, are expand waist-line, increase the need for spiritual sustenance, the single malt kind, inspire new recipe testing, some once very rejectable. I made pig’s feet in aspic, for heaven’s sake. Cabbage rolls, worked; chicken liver paté, yup. Then, I’ve increased my support for local fooderies, normally avoided: pub grub, pizza places. Haven’t gone oriental yet, that craving ain’t there…yet!

And COVID is getting to me, as it is many others. So I got to thinking….

What are some strategies people can use to fight LOCKDOWN anxiety

Hobbies, reading, writing
You’re in prison, otherwise known as the ‘rona lockdown. What can you do about it? Fight back…here are some ideas for your consideration.

  1. Hobbies
    What hobby you choose depends on you, your inclination, your interest, your skills, your living situation and your budget. You can’t take up pottery if you don’t have access to a kiln, you can’t become a wine connoisseur if you can’t stock a serious wine cellar, you can’t take up learning an instrument if you’re tone-deaf. You get the idea. Examine your situation, do some self-analysis, examine and evaluate your budget, your interests, and what may be practical for you.

  2. Reading
    Reading can be totally free, suitable for every budget. Get a library card, borrow books. This can all be done online. You might even be able to do it by phone.

    Then, dig in, explore the genres that are available, espionage, thrillers, travel, humour, art, the topics are endless. Imagine the selection of titles!

  3. Book clubs
    A corollary to reading is joining a book club. Again, phone your library for information about book clubs. A book club allows you to share your opinions, discuss the books with others and hear what others are reading and recommending.

  4. Writing
    The flipside of reading is writing. Consider writing:

    Write a journal of your life, each day. What did you do on the day? What did you eat? Who did you encounter on your walk? What kind of day did you have? The weather? The TV news? The subject material is endless.

    Write the story of your life. Don’t worry about who might find it interesting or mundane. Write it for yourself. Capture your life on paper. What do you remember about being a kid? A teen? What was the happiest time in your life? What was the best Christmas you ever had? Who are the memorable people in your life? Again, your life is a kaleidoscope of people, events and memories, only limited by what you can remember but once you start writing, you may be surprised at the power of your recall.

COVID quarantine: distressing isolation
Quarantine seclusion has a long list of debilitating effects on families, couples, and relationships. COVID may be impacting more seriously than you think. Consider ways you can improve your isolation and your health, emotional and physical.

It is important for your health and well-being to find an outlet to relieve the pressure that you may be experiencing due to the pandemic and all the things associated with it. Be aware of yourself and take care of that first.


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