USA…fake living

Americans live like kings, on credit!

Americans live well but they are like the Aesop’s tale grasshopper, no worries about the winter.

If one looks around and jumps to conclusions,  judging from the expensive cars on the road, the expensive smartphones seemingly everywhere, the crowds shopping in the expensive retail stores like Nieman Marcus and 5th Ave., the diners in the high end restaurants and the number of costly bosts seen plying Florida waterways, Americans are rich.
But Walmart patrons don’t rich, rich people like don’t eat at fast food diners. People who dine out a lot likely have more discretionary incomes. Americans eat out a lot if one is to conclude that from packed restaurants in the middle of the week. People with money likely do less home food preparation, food shop less and cook at home infrequently if at all.
Americans likely do little home cooking judging from restaurants’ bulging capacities, pizza delivery boxes in the curbside garbage cans.

American TV caters to these pseudo-rich
Americans are wooed by all the financial institutions to access more money in all kinds of easy ways: easily obtained credit cards, reverse mortgages, easy borrowing, enticingly low-interest loans. And all this easy money offered through TV ads is balanced by the temptation of buying. Expensive cars, costly toys, pricey jewellery and clothing, dining out promotions…an endless chain of high priced purchases, just so one can live like the rich.

Reality may be less affluent
Americans have lots of homeless people in their cities; rich people tend to be healthy and slim, Americans are not. Americans are overweight, obesity is a major problem. Judging from American TV’s promotion of health cures, medications and cure-alls, this society may not be healthy at all. Homes are not mansions in the USA, in fact, it is very surprising to see how many ‘trailer parks’ dominate many American cities.

Rich or poor?
America has rich people but the country is not rich. TV displays that there is a rich life here, for very few in reality. New York, Hollywood, Houston and Miami…lifestyles of the rich and some famous but not of the common American. The world views the USA as a paradise of wealth and opportunity. It is a delusion.

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