RICHARD's desk...: Visible minority demographics of Pickering

The visible minority community of Pickering is significant in numbers.

It is important that we all be aware our community is varied and multifaceted.

Know your neighbour and say “hello !”

Pickering has a very diverse and varied visible minority population. Differing cultures, differing traditions, differing religions, differing outlooks, differing views, differing goals and aspirations.

As different as these many groups seem to be from the other, there are some shared values, shared goals.

Each group treasures its family, its children and grandchildren and each group wants their next generation to have better lives, richer, healthier and fuller. Each group cherishes and loves their families and work to improve life for their offspring. Additionally, as they are all living in our Canadian society, each group wants to integrate more fully and better into its new adopted country. This is something we all want.

But it is incumbent on those of use who are not in this visible minority to recognize that they are people with families, goals and aspirations as we have. We are the same and in that light we need to offer the hand of brotherly love and acceptance to each of them.

Say hello to your neighbour and ask him/her how she is doing living here in Canada and in Pickering.

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