WAG author, Peta-Gaye Nash, receives Canada Book Award

Congratulations to childrens’ books author PETA-GAYE NASH for receiving the Canada Book Award for her children’s book, Bushyhead.’

Publisher: Peta-Gaye Nash
Designer: Cheryl Antao-Xavier
Illustrator: Alyah Holmes

Bushyhead is the story of a young girl, Miranda May, who is teased at school because of her bushy hair. She wishes she had different hair. Her mother takes her to a children’s hospital where the children in the ward have no hair. The story is a gentle introduction to the topic of compassion, self-esteem, black hair pride, looking for solutions that help others, and cancer and hair loss.

Bushyhead is a book parents and grandparents might consider buying and reading to their children and grandchildren as teaching opportunities. Youngsters always benefit from learning new ideas and teaching them about sensitivity and care for others is a never ending joy of love, for them, for the parents and grandparents and for all of us.


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