MUNICIPAL: WARDS Map – Find your ward

Canadians are not voting. Each election sees fewer voters exercising their democratic right. The last provincial election had the poorest voter turn out in the history of Canadian politics.

In Canada, participation in the voting process is free, not obligatory as in Australia. Exercise your right. Voting is a privilege that many other countries do not have.

Vote, it is your right and your privilege.


Electoral districts or areas of municipal government are called WARDS. These are areas which become the constituency or area of political responsibility of councillors who are elected to city government representing the people who live in the particular WARD.

Residents of Pickering who are eligible to vote in the municipal elections should know the WARD in which they reside. Each WARD has different councillors. So knowing your WARD is the key to knowing who your councillor candidates are.

WARD MAP by geographic layout:   MAP

WARD MAP by street listing:   STREET LIST

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