We sure could use your expertise

We are making changes. Watch us grow and watch us improve. We have been publishing our website for a few years but we believe we can improve it with your input and suggestions. Tell us

  • what think of the website as it is now,
  • what you think could improve it,
  • what changes we should consider increasing its value to you.

We publish the website for the benefit of adults, older ones in particular, and we believe improvements are possible. Your feedback and ideas would be a really good input for us.

Give us an idea or a suggestion that you feel would make our site better and more beneficial for all our visitors.
Send to zippyonego@gmail.com

Thank you for your responses and as always, we urge you to stay safe, stay home and wear a mask.

Stay healthy.


Changes we have made

  1. We have removed our request for more financial support for a reason. Some donors feel the donations entitle them to special consideration or attention. We prefer to remain totally independent, able to comment, editorialize and write as we feel appropriate. Hence, we no longer accept donations. However, our paid services are still functioning. If you find our services appealing and want to avail yourself of them, please contact us. Our widgets are great promotional values for published authors; our La Galleria is a terrific place to display your art and offer if for buyer consideration.
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