ZOOM on iPad

on the iPad is very easy to learn. These instructions assume you are the PARTICIPANT in the meeting. HOSTS have a few more wrinkles to work out.

Host menus differ from the Participant menus. HOSTS have more controls, more managerial options and you control who is permitted to enter the meeting, who is invited to the meeting via email.

  1. Download and install  ZOOM Cloud Meetings to your iPad;

  2. A HOST creates a meeting and phones or emails invitations with the meeting ID.
  3. Launch the ZOOM app. Your menus will differ from the host’s.

  4. Enter the meeting ID where indicated.

  5. Click the  “Join with video” buttons as appropriate and may be required.

  6. The HOST will admit you to the meeting. Be patient.

  7. Click the “Internet audio” button, may be required.

That’s it. You’re now in the meeting and need to abide by the HOST’s guidance.

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