10 tips to better ageing

Life is a highway, a road of hills and valleys. Some parts are smooth and bump free, others are pot-holed and bumpy. Here’s a list of considerations for making the road a bit smoother.

  1. Gratitude
    Be content with your life, your family, your possessions, and your achievements. Want what you already have.
  2. Work less
    Take a break. Get out of the office. Go for a walk.
  3. Smile
    Nothing hides the battle scars of and the wrinkles of age more than smiling.
  4. Have a best friend
    A best friend is like a time machine, together you can be kids again.
  5. Have a hobby
    I write a blog regularly; I read and belong to a book club; I write pieces for a newsletter monthly. These things help me ‘escape’ the everyday problems for a while.
  6. Forgive, forget, get over, or move on
    Whatever you decide it will benefit you more than the other person.
  7. Adjust your expectations
    Be realistic in your expectations and adjust them accordingly. Nothing leaves you more disappointed than high expectations that are unfulfilled.
  8. Live your best life
    Be and do what makes you happy, just don’t hurt anyone.
  9. Improve your significant relationships
    A great relationship is a path to unlimited possibilities. A bad relationship is oftentimes hung up on blame and resentment and usually leads to more of the same thing.
  10. Financial independence is happiness
    No further explanation.
  11. Charity and kindness
    Give more and receive happiness in return.
  12. Be excited and live excited.

 Source: Quora, Donny Wesnk, life coach

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