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ARCHIVES: Days are getting shorter, too fast and too soon

Had to break out one of the heaters this past weekend. Too cold with hardwood floors throughout our home. Better get myself busy setting up my backyard and house for winter!?!

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RICHARD's desk...: Quebec: hypocritical or simply stupid?

The next time Quebec’s provincial legislature is on the TV news, watch very carefully. Look at the upper wall behind the speaker of the legislature. Notice the crucifix. Have you been watching Quebec trying to sell Bill 62?

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CHRISTMAS: NONNA didn’t reach another Christmas…Mi dispiace Nonna! Ya did good !

Click HERE to read about NONNA

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RICHARD's desk...: It’s time for Americans to just grow up

Heather Mallick [ Toronto Star commentator ] wrote a piece criticizing Americans for their immaturity, narrow thinking and small minds. She may be correct in her views but should the husband whose wife asks, “Does this dress make me look … Continue reading

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ARCHIVES: January computer courses for adults 55+, City of Pickering

Computers For Beginners ( Jan. 25, 2018 ) Windows, Internet & Gmail This 6-week workshop is an introductory computer course covering WINDOWS 10, the Internet and Gmail. Learn the basics of operating each of these computer areas. Windows 10: start … Continue reading

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HEALTH: Maybe a bigger jab will do ya ! Consider a high dose flu shot but ask your doctor first.

It’s that time of the year again where we’re indoors a lot more, exposed to more germs than in the summer months. Consider getting your flu shot. Furthermore, talk to your doctor about the higher dose flu shot. You may … Continue reading

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RICHARD's desk...: Ontario Power Generation holds information meeting

Ontario Power Generation held a public hearing meeting in Pickering on Oct. 25. More nuclear plant executives and employees attended than concerned citizens.

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JUST MY OPINION...: Out on Safari…2nd in Eva’s Dark Continent series

The second instalment of Eva’s explorations of the Dark Continent took her out on her first safari. Savage, wild, exciting and frightening, it was all she expected. She shot all the wild game she could, with her camera! Take the … Continue reading

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GENERAL: Navigating our Website

To help visitors navigate the website, the website MENUS used on the site are displayed below under their respective TOPICS. Each TOPIC can be found on the BLACK Menu Bar located near the top of the HOME page or opening screen … Continue reading

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HELP: Navigation tip #1 – MENUS, SUBMENUS

The MENU BAR, black with white titles, is a list of all the categories used on the site. MENUS, [ Home, Bookz, Cookz, Adults 55+, Repeats, Tech, …… Community Board ] are the categories currently on the site. CLICK on one … Continue reading

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