2020 – COVA isolation, quarantine, social distancing

We may stop posting Florida whimsies with this piece as there is nothing whimsical about staying in the region. Everything is either shutting down or closing or being cancelled because of the fear and preventative measures being taken against the COVID-19 virus.

Bar and clubs have just about all closed. Restaurants that are still open have “social distance dining” where every second table is reserved to keep it open and thus give diners the safety afforded by sitting at least 6 feet away from anyone else, actually more like 10. Grocery stores, Costco, Walmart, and such open early but restrict access to seniors for the first hour so that the most at risk can shop while the store is at its most clean state. Finally, the state has begun closing beaches which in some cases are jammed with youth on spring break. The revellers balk at the regulations and beach closures, usually explaining in alcohol slurred words that they ‘have no fear of the virus.’ The folly of youth.

We have dedided to leave for home. We are increasingly anxious after each new development or newscast. The Canadian-American border is closed except for commercial traffic and citizens returning home both directions. Rumours have been heard that the national guard will be closing down interstate traffic, not actual fact yet. Hence, our decision to leave is practical and pragmatic as we watch the situation unfold.

There are pockets of positive things happening at the hands of American financial institutions, the federal government and government employees who still man their posts; state troopers in a nearby state have been video handing out rolls of toilet paper rather than ticketing drivers they have stopped. Municipal residents in Italy and Israel have been videoed applauding on their balconies in praise and appreciation of first responder emergency/medical servers still carrying out their vital work.

It has become the worst of times, the best of times. The better angels still appear confirming that many good people still want to help others. But the virus has no principles, no values, no emotional system to show appreciation for the good people. It is non-discrimatory attacking relentlessly and very democratically, regardless of gender, colour, race, or creed. Best to take all precautions necessary and try to dodge those relentless attacks. We have decided to do so.

End of Florida whimsies from Florida…perhaps some interesting things will occure enroute home. We prefer and hope none will be dramatic and serious.

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