Elected ineptitude?

The COVID graph illustrates we are failing in trying to manage the pandemic. Perhaps our failure is due to inconsistency with government policies, perhaps inaccurate and inconsistent advice from medical and scientific experts. No matter the reason, the conclusion is we are failing and thus jeopardize the health of thousands of people.

The government must show responsibility and uniform and consistent action. At this time, the FORD government has shown itself to be equivocating and inconsistent in its actions to manage the health crisis. More people are getting sick, more people are dying, more businesses are going bankrupt, more citizens are suffering. Meanwhile, this government continues to dither, to make excuses and to fail us.

Numerous governments across Canada have seen it as justifiable to mandate vaccinations and to launch vaccine passports so businesses can remain open with minimized risk to their patrons. The FORD government just orders another pizza!

How long are we going to accept this? How long are we going to accept the false assertion that the provincial government supports individual rights and is working to defend them?

This government is killing us. Contact your local MPP.

To find your MPP, click on the Ontario MPPs

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