Tributes to Councillor Ian Cumming

            Ian Cumming

It is with great sadness and deep sorrow we convey the news of the passing of Councillor Ian Cumming. A beloved husband, father, grandfather and master to faithful dogs. 

First elected to City Council in 2014, he served on numerous committees but his commitment to the residents of Pickering was nearly equalled by his support and commitment to dogs. A strong advocate for his ward and the waterfront community, Councillor Cumming was equally passionate about Pickering’s evolution from a bedroom community to a sustainable city.

Not long ago when I asked about his health, Ian replied with pride and passion, “I’m still here because of the love, energy and hard work of my wonderful wife, Amy.” 

We express our deepest condolences to his wife, Amy, his sons, Blair and Mark, and his five grandchildren. May all his family find comfort and peace in the loving memory of a very humble but giant man.


Memories of Ian Cumming

Maurice Brenner has been a colleague of Ian Cumming for many years. But the two councillors have a greater interest in common. They both are passionate dog lovers, though Maurice supplements his dog with a number of cats. Maurice has told Ian many times, “I wish councillors saw eye to eye as well as my cats and dogs do at home!”

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