Ranking of reads

STARS    TITLE                                                   COMMENT

–    I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE                  reviewed by Suzanne elsewhere on the site

5    OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE       Amazing story as sharp as a Samurai’s sword.

5    CHIEFS . OUTSTANDING                          A challenger to Harper Lee’s crown

5    A MAN CALLED OVE                                Sad reminder of inevitability of old age

5    DEAD WAKE                                                For history buffs; a terrific historical fiction

5    FALL OF GIANTS                                        Ken Follet always delivers a very good read

4    THE ELEPHANT WHISPERER                  Man is destroying earth theme; enjoyable read of Africa

4    BEING MUSLIM (SHORT VERSION)              Author is TorStar journalist; excellently written analysis

4    NO RELATION                                             Fallis never fails to rock

4    CONFESSION                                               A tight, well written story of an accused black teen

4    MISSING ( A PRIVATE NOVEL )              Collaboration works this time; detective story worth reading

4    THE FIX                                                         Baldacci always delivers a good detective story.

4    EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU        Anti racism theme; dystopian family scene

4    THEY LEFT US EVERYTHING                 Nostalgic reminiscing of mother and siblings

4    STONE RAIN                                               Linwood Barclay novel writes terrific adult “comic books.”

4    CONCLAVE                                                  Trying to emulate DA VINCI CODE

4    CAMP 14                                                        North Korea escapee rivisiting his days of imprisonment

4    MASSEY MURDER REVISITED               For Toronto history buffs

4    MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL    The writing style makes the read worth it; Nazism

4    ORPHAN TRAIN                                          For WW II history buffs

4    STATE OF WONDER                                   Intricate plot, engaging; a hypothetical medical breathrough

4    THE PEARL THAT BROKE ITS SHELL    Misogyny in Afghansistan

4    DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY                      Suspenseful thrilled, polished writing, very engaging

4    A HOUSE IN THE SKY                                racism, right wing politics, extremism, mysogyny…all here

3    BLITZED                                                       A stretch in credibility; entire military drugged?

3    LAST POLICEMAN                                     Futuristic genre; detective story

3    MR. PENUMBRA’S 24 HOUR BOOK STORE Engaging story about a mystical book store.

3    THE UNLIKELY PILGRIMAGE OF HAROLD FRY    Interesting ‘travelogue set in England

3    ROSIE PROJECT                                          Humourous, fun read, light

3    LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS                      “Snow child” set in Australia on an island with a lighthouse.

3    GOLDEN EGG…BRUNETTI SERIES        Donna Leon’s is current and touristy

3    100 YEAR OLD MAN WHO CLIMBED OUT THE WINDOW         A fun read; advanced age is not an obstacle

3    BOOK THIEF                                                WWII history buffs; Anne Franklin lives on!

3    STUART WOODS SERIES                          Almost any Woods by Woods is a good read


3    WHY BE HAPPY WHEN YOU COULD BE NORMAL?      Cerebrally elevated and captivating written manipulation

3    SHAKESPEARE’S BASTARD                    Interesting historical fiction. Engaging.

3    MY VENICE                                                 Good if you love Venice, been there and enjoy Italy.

3    COPPERMINE                                              A captivating, suspenseful enjoyable into early Canadian history

3    SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN         Nice story, romantic, implausible but fun.

3    CUTTING FOR STONE                                Slow start but engaging once it really gets off the ground

4    BEST LAID PLANS                                      2 thumbs up, unanimously

3    CALEB’S CROSSING REVIEWED            Well written, engaging historical fiction of early New England

3    MAJOR PETTIGREW’S LAST STAND      An unexpectedly warm romance of a stiff upper lipped Brit

2    NEVER NEVER                                            Co-authorship writing seldom works; cheap copout by original author

2    WOOL                                                            Sci Fi dystopian society

2    THE UNIT                                                      Sci Fi dystopian society

2    419                                                                  Story based on modern Internet scams

2    THE WHISTLER                                           Disappointing legal expose by Grisham

2    THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN                         Amazingly overrated

2    CONFABULIST                                            Overrated but a entertaining way to pass some time

2    CHASING THE DIME                                  A weak channeling of Raymond Chandler

2    PARIS WIFE                                                  Exploitation of Hemmingway connection

2    ON SUCH A FULL SEA                               Interesting futuristic take on an Asian dystopian society

2    THIRTEENTH TALE                                    Erratically written, but polished and readable.

2    ROOM                                                            Such examples of cruelty really happen; I don’t like reading it.

2    MURDER IN THE WHITE HOUSE            The title offers more than the book delivers

2    BEAUTIFUL RUINS                                    Life’s a bowl of cherries, can be the pitts

2    SECRET KEEPER                                         A chore to read if you are not into British romance

1    ADULTERY                                                  Utter piece of ‘unadulterated’ crap

1    BEING MUSLIM (DETAILED VERSION) Too proselytizing

1    A GOOD YEAR FOR THE ROSES             Schmaltzy British based romance

1    DANTE CLUB                                               Example of author’s grasp failing to reach its target

1    PROPHECY                                                   Tedious piece of junk

NO SECRET HISTORY                                      Worst book I ever read. Hollywood might redeem it, Tartt can’t