CHASING THE DIME, Michael Connelly


Michael Connelly writes crisp, sharp thrillers which keep you on the edge of you seat page after page.

Chasing The Dime is a typical Connelly oeuvre, well written, good plot, plenty of excitement and lots of twists and turns which keep you wondering ‘how our protagonist, Henry Pierce, will ever pull himself out of this mess.

Pierce’s company is on the leading edge of a technological discovery which will help pharmaceutical companies in the delivery and administration of their drugs. He will make millions if he can only extricate himself from being framed for murder, murder of a prostitute whose telephone number is mistakenly assigned to his new apartment. Pierce decides he wants to help this woman possibly because of his guilt feelings for his own sister’s murder when she worked the L.A. sex trade in LA a few years earlier.

The plot thickens as Pierce  comes closer to discovering who is framing him. He gets violently assaulted in his quest but the police detective examining the case, Renner, believes ihe has an open and shut case to lock Pierce up for murder.

Pierce cannot abandon his quest to find the real murderer as first he fights to save the life of a prostitute he has never met and then when she is murdered, he fights to save himself as he is accused of the murder.

Recommendation of the book ?

If you like mysteries, murder and mayhem, written in a tight, breathless, fast paced style, go for it. It’s a book that can be read quickly and finished within a couple of days. It will be as satisfying a a crispy, salty potato chip. Enjoyable, crunchy and not very filling !

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