Essential PC shortcuts

Get your hands off that mouse.

Be more productive and efficient by using keyboard shortcuts.

Take Ctrl of Your Computer!

When both your hands are on the keyboard, you’re at 100% productivity. Reach for the mouse, crashes this productivity to 50%. Instead, retain your productivity by learning some keyboard shortcuts.

Start small, learning just one group. In no time, you will want to acquire more of these shortcuts to more efficient computer use.

Here are some Ctrl key shortcuts that will save you time and trouble.

Ctrl+F = Find something on a page – in a browser, text editor, PDF editor, ebook, etc. To remember this easily, think F = FIND.

Ctrl+P = Print the document you have open. Whether it’s a web page, a Word doc, PDF file, text file, etc. Think P = PRINT.

Ctrl+N = Opens  new window in the program that’s running. Think N = NEW.

Ctrl+S = Saves the document you’re working on. Think S = SAVE.

Ctrl+H = Shows your browser’s history. Think H = History

Ctrl+J = Shows a list of downloads in your browser. J= ?  J=Downloads! Junk?

And let us not fail to mention:

Ctrl+A = Select All
Ctrl+C = Copy
Ctrl+V = Paste
Ctrl + Z  = Undo
Ctrl + Y  = Redo

When typing text in most word processors, highlight the text and use the following shortcuts:

Ctrl + B = Bold
Ctrl + U = Underline
Ctrl + I = Italics
Ctrl + K = Create a hyperlink

Most of these work on any version of Windows.

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