A visit into Trump’s mind

Dr. Vinnie Bumbaw is a world-renowned psychologist who has worked with Mary Trump, herself a psychologist. Together they have developed a way to unlock Donald Trump’s mind.

You wanna get inside my head, into my mind? Who in the hell are you? Who do you think you are? Nobody gets into my head except me. Not even Melania. Screw her. She’s just out to get whatever she can get off me, just like everybody else. Everybody except Ivanka. Great lookin’ girl. She’s honest with me, trying to run business off of my brand. Not that Jewish prick she’s married to. He’s trying to cash in on my real estate connections. Jews. Take, take, take, never give.

Back to my mind huh? OK, guess I can let ya in cuz I can push you out anytime. You know I can do that very strongly, very very strongly. I am the strongest man in the world. Look at all the abuse that comes my way. They call me all kinds of names. Label me in every way. Fake news. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

To be me, ya gotta be strong and I’m the strongest man in the world, more than strong. Superman. Just look at all the people who criticize me, denigrate me, insult me and talk against me. All liars, all lyin’. Big lies, bigly.

Ya think it’s easy fightin’ all that crap and it’s endless, never-ending, goes on forever.

They call me a racist. I am the least racist man in the world.

They call me a misogynist. Nobody cares about women more than I do. But they distort what I say. Remember when they claimed I said, “Ya grab em by the pussy.” I never said that. I said, “Ya gotta grab em like little pussy cats.” See how they twist everything I say. That’s why I gotta do Twitter so much. Gotta fix all that shit they write about me.

They criticize me as supporting white supremacists. Hey, there are bad people everywhere and good ones too. I said that before and I’ll say it again. There are good people on both sides of an issue. Ya gotta have an open mind like I do. Nobody’s got a more open mind than I do. I see both sides of every issue. I am the most open-minded man in the world, really open-minded.

Ya know when I was younger and belonged to some private clubs. Some of them didn’t like me and rejected me. Stupid jerks. They never realized they were rejecting the strongest and best man in the world. But that’s how small minds work. They think stupid. They act stupid. They do stupid. They ejected me from their clubs, but I was quitting them anyway. I don’t need to belong to those stupid clubs. They got small-minded people leading them, lots of them run by women and there’s the problem. Women can’t run things as good as men.

Ya know, when you get into a group of women, you are in a catty group, a group that works from emotion, not from brains. I’m not saying they are stupid. Just that they don’t act like men do. Men argue back and forth but don’t take things to heart. Men can get into heated discussions, but they don’t take it personally. Women take everything as if it were aimed at their hearts. Stupid but then that’s how females think. Small-minded, maybe better to say no-minded.

Now me, I don’t take anything to heart. The insults and offences thrown at me come from small minds. They don’t know they are dealing with the strongest man in the world. Those stupid offences and insults are like water off a duck’s back and I am the biggest duck in the world. A very big duck.

And you know what, I am the smartest man in the world too. Just look at all the money I made. Only a really smart man could make all that. I am really smart. Maybe the smartest man in the world. I’m worth billions, not millions, billions. And I made it all on my own. Nobody helped me. I invested it smartly and good everywhere. If you gave me your money I could make it grow big, really big, more bigly than you could ever make it grow.

And another thing, I pay taxes. That claim that I don’t pay taxes or that I paid just $750 tax. That’s fake news again. I pay taxes everywhere, on every purchase I make, on every property I own. I have to. It’s the law and I am a law and order man. I believe in law and order. I am the most law and order president this country has ever had. I’m like Abe Lincoln when it comes to law and order. Those stupid Democrat state governors and Democrat city mayors, now they don’t believe in law and order. Just look how they permit destruction of property. If they called me, I would establish law and order for them. I protect people’s property. People who live in the suburbs, in the rural areas, they know I am a law and order president. I am the most law and order president in American history.

But the country has problems and I know how to fix them. Americans just have to vote me in again and I will fix everything for them. I know how to do it. If they vote me in, I will fix the pandemic. Look at the economy. It is in the best shape in American history, and I fixed it. Medicare? When Americans vote me in as president, I will give them the best medical coverage they can ever get. The best. Better than that stupid Obamacare. I will get rid of Obamacare. My medicare package is the best and every American will benefit from it. Wait and see.

And look what I did with foreign policy. The country has not gone into one new war since I became president. I keep bringing our boys home from foreign places. I stop military engagements and get our soldiers back home safely. I get America out of military alliances where we have to do all the heavy lifting in foreign wars. Look how I made the Europeans pay up when they were not paying their fair share to NATO. Same thing at the United Nations. The US always carries the load. Well not anymore. I made others pay more properly.

Then look at how fake news attacks me. They claim I separated children from their parents at the border. That’s not true. The coyotes separated the kids from their parents. I would never do such a thing.

Fake news is always lyin’ about me. Look at CNN and that lyin’ reporter Bob Costa. He is the worst reporter in the news. I had to ban him from Whitehouse press conferences because he lied so much. I finally let him back in because I am a very fair-minded man. But he still is the biggest liar of a reporter.

Real Americans know what I am all about. I won the last election and I am winning this new election. A lot of Americans know the real truth about me, a lot. The real truth. They know it and they are going to vote me back in. They are voting me back in and I will win as long as there is no election fraud. But there’s a lot of election fraud caused by the Democrats.

Election fraud? How can you have endless ballots keep coming in and coming in. There’s gotta be a limit. But the lyin’ Democrats keep bringing in more votes. There are more votes than there are voters. And like Rudy says, Democrats are guilty of election fraud. Dead people vote in Democrat-run voting sites. How can that be? Democrats lie all over the place and the fake news reports it as fact. More lyin’. That’s why I changed the mail-in balloting. To stop the flow of fake votes. Fake votes that are mailed in from Democrat areas, Democrat states, Democrat cities.

“They are trying to STEAL the election!” Ballots for Biden are “magically” appearing all over the place. I have posted true clarifications on Twitter.”

That’s enough…I could go on forever explaining how I think so you can see the truth. But I gotta go Tweet messages to Eric and Rudy. They gotta keep up their reporting of the truth about election fraud. Democrats are trying to cheat their way into the Whitehouse but Americans see the truth. I am the truth. I am the most honest president since Abraham Lincoln. I am the most honest president in American history.

Get back to me if ya wanna know more…now get out of my mind!

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