Apr 25 – Earth Day, Brant Ford Stuff and then some….

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Readers Write
And clearly, some serious thought went into THIS one….check it out! *We can’t fight homelessness, hunger and poverty. But through such ‘innovative’ federal govt measures as ‘$2-bucks-a-litre’ at the Petro Can*tm pumps, to be followed up by J/T imposing his ‘Carbon Tax’….and we have no idea just how high Junior’s willing to go with THAT baby….we are going to fight Climate Change!! Now, think on THAT one a while!! (*and, see below) *Keep ’em coming, folks.

Annual Earth Day
Imagine. Since 1970….making this year the 52nd Annual, no less! Rotzy is SO ”F/N” excited, I know not Up from Down! Like, do I send Al Gore a 52nd Anniversary Card? Ditto for David Suzuki? Send Mother Nature a Get-Well Card? How about if I do something ‘Earthy’? Planting my vegetable garden plot could/would qualify, but that’s still a week or three away. Actually, a tree would be even better….more ‘permanent’ in the eyes of Al and Dave….and that just might just ‘be the ticket/what the doctor ordered, especially if ‘the doctor’ was/is named Suzuki. FYI there is a 2ft high miniature spruce tree in one of the big cement pots down by the front doors here at 555. The spruce….with a good root system, ‘new’ growth popping….will have to come out of the pot to allow room for new spring/summer plants, and Rotzy’s the guy for the job, already got a place picked out for the spruce in Dorothy Park ‘smoker’s area’….a week before I heard about Earth Day….but I need permission (*see below). So, with that chore ‘on hold,’ yours truly needs to do something ‘earthy’, hence I Google’d*tm….locally there are ‘activities galore’, including arts and crafts, but I don’t know where/what/when, tho it sounds like funn, you think? I’ll also grab a card for Mother Nature. Miz. Jo and Rotzy hope YOUR Earth Day was all you hoped it would be!

Brant’s Ford Stuff…And Then Some
You can count Miz. Jo and Rotzy amongst the citizenry who have their #4 Booster Shot….last Thurs early aft at a Health Unit site, south end of the Lynden Mall….along with a whole bunch of other oldsters….70 to 90-something, the latter being a really tall olde guy in a well worn ‘Bogie-style’ fedora, ‘navigating’ his way along right behind us with two 70-something helpers/family ‘tho not all that well on two canes. Well, dont’cha know, Miz. Jo spotted a ‘vacant’ Health Unit wheelchair, pointed it out to them, and Bob’s your uncle. Soon as the olde guy landed he gave Miz. Jo a ‘thank you wink’….and before they parked him to get the needle a few more winks. We watched him/them from a distance as we did our semi-mandatory 5-minute wait/rest/recover period and had to laugh as he/they were already down THREE layers of shirts/sweaters/whatevers and still no sign of skin ….but ‘the needler’ appeared to be showing lots of patience. Hence, Jo Ann and Rotzy are ‘good to go’ and ready for #5….whenever it shows up. And I’m sure it will. Aside from the ‘Booster’ and dressing changes on my elbow by VON and R/N Rutherford TGH Class of ’62, it was a somewhat quiet week on yours truly’s Health Report….not a bad thing.**’Twas a fine turnout at Friday’s BGG (Brantford Guy Group) Meeting….word from the High Council indicates Fri 29th could be the last one at The Navy Club until next fall and we’ll get together at venues with outdoor seating. The ‘sailors’ have treated us great. ***Another discussion from the Long Table last Fri…one of the BGG Presidents pointed out that Prince Charles…..yup, dumb Chuck….is coming to Canada (this fall?) to represent The Queen, and in particular to honour her 75 Years of Rule, of course, he’s bringing The Hound (the wannabe Queen Camilla) with him. (*memo to Chuck….leave ‘er ‘ome, Bonnie Prince Charlie….and stay there with her. Send us Princess Anne….yes, your mother’s daughter, your sister….she does more of this ‘represent The Crown gadabouting’ than anybody….her mother included; or your first-born son Prince William and the lovely Princess Kate….and bring their kids too, Canadians would love that! Now, on the ‘Don’t List’, with you and Bow-Wow, ex Prince Harry and his Missus as they decided not to BE royalty anymore; lastly, Randy The Dandy….your erstwhile brother, also an ‘ex-prince’ whom your mother gave The Buckingham Boot, after paying his $23 Million ‘settlement’ because Andy was ‘not guilty’ of all those ‘annoying’ sex-related charges…tsk, tsk, tsk. I saw your mother wearing her ‘new’ crown on the back of the Royal Train at the CNR train station here in Brantford in 1953. Anyway, there you go Chuck….you’ve got the list, so please don’t disappoint/embarrass your Mum….take The Hound ‘Down Under’….the Aussies will LOVE y’all. And, ‘Long Live The Queen’! More Earth Day Stuff

I’ve made mention previously about the little spruce tree I had ‘eyeballed’ for transplanting in Dorothy Park (*see above) ‘somewhere near the bench’. But that was before Earth Day….yesterday. Then something strange happened! A lawns/landscaping ‘fleet’ rolled in….including a dump truck full of black mulch, a 7 or 8-person crew, all toting various power equipment and the name on the trucks they disembarked from wasn’t familiar. Well, that’s nothing new. I mean the different names on the truck(s). When it comes to ‘property upkeep’ like snow removal and/or cutting grass, ‘continuity’ is a bad word to Skyline Living and they never retain those contractors for more than one year in a row! (I don’t know for sure, altho it MIGHT have something to do with ‘five and dime-ing if you get my drift) The thing is, somebody is ALWAYS willing to do the job for less, eh? The ‘other’ thing is that with a ‘cut-rate job’, the end result is that this large property looks like s–t, as opposed to an ‘upscale apartment building’, with mounds/rows/piles of dead grass….then come the tenants’ complaints (‘cept Rotzy, who usually laughs at it) and the ‘clean-up’ is a show in itself! The problem is two-fold…TOO LONG between cuts….and an operator who doesn’t know a cutting deck from a poker deck! You see, Miz. Jo and yours truly KNOW LAWNS….from mowing at The Family Farm in Kirby, ON., an area the size of a 9-Hole Par 3 Golf Course. I was ‘pretty good’ on the old Massey 10HP Lawn Tractor but a couple hours after Jo Ann climbed aboard Johnny Deere, our 500ft frontage looked like the Oakland A’s outfield, opposite direction stripes, big circles and all!! So….SO….the people who cut grass here at the Skyline compound have bigger/heavier duty machines here….but they know not how to operate them. Anyway, this ‘new for ’22 outfit just did cleanup stuff Friday, so we’ll not judge them until they actually cut….and if they’re like their predecessor(s), they’ll wait until it’s a foot long. Oh, I almost forgot….a couple or three hours after The Lawn Crew arrived on Earth Day a gang (10 or so?!) of young people arrived….all sporting bright fluorescent green T-Shirts that might have read “People Who Plant Trees”, and they did! Plant trees. They’d split into 2 or 3 groups and were planting all over the compound….including the small spruce I’d been ‘eyeballing’ (*see above) for Dorothy Park. Guess what? That’s where they put it!….not where Rotzy woulda stuck it, but what the hey?….along with two other well-started/healthy-looking flat-leafed trees, and I can’t wait to get Dorothy’s impression!! All in all, ’twas a fairly impressive Earth Day here at Harris Place….and that’s not even counting Miz. Jo’s TOMATOES, which are doing just fine in her ‘indoor growing machine’. **MON AM BULLETIN** Well, yesterday about 4:00 PM 2 of the 3 newly-planted trees in Dorothy Park somehow had caught fire! Actually in the mulch, aided by steady 50 km/h winds. Miz. Jo ‘sounded the alarm’ and the Skyline Living VFD responded…that would be ME (in my sock feet) and the Manager of #575, toting a plastic pump-it-up jug of water/vinegar bug spray which actually DOES work on fires and my concern was for Barry’s white Dodge Van, a mere 4 ft ‘downwind’ from Fire A, Ted’s white Hyundai is right beside Barry, and Edna Equinox beside the Tedmobile. My shouts to passersby….and that is what they were/are, ‘passersby’….for a fire extinguisher fell on deaf ears, but the 2-person SLVFD Crew eventually prevailed over the stubborn blaze!

*Thought Of The Day…*Pro Cooking Tip:…If you stir 1 TBSP of Coconut Oil into your KALE, it makes it easier to stir the entire panful into the trash.

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