From NAKINA...: April 23

The provincial election winds are blowin’ and Rotzy isn’t enjoying them. He finds the climate very WYNNEdy and would love to escape but he can’t afFORD becoming a snowbird and trekking off to Florida at this time.

Besides, according to Rotzy, things are really just beginning to heat up here in Ontario.


Readers Write….
….and this one (from a ‘local’) landed here at “F/N”HQ last week, kinda catching Rotzy off guard because this person isn’t usually given to making statements publicly of a ‘political nature’. It was somewhat of an ‘ex-po-ZAY’ of sorts, by the Auditor General no less, on Premier Kathleen Wynne….and the Liberals pathetic handling of Hydro One. Particularly the rates. So….SO….the A/G says that ”Ontarians have paid $37 Billion Dollars ‘above market’ for electricity over the last eight years”. (yes, that’s what she said…$37 BILLION!!!) Then the lady who checks the government’s books took it a step further, adding that ”we will have ‘overpaid’ $133 Billion by the year 2032”. Goodness me!! (*see below) OK, OK, OK….it’s been pretty clear that Wynne and electricity go together like Positive and Negative, almost since the day she took office….in spite of inheriting a god-awful mess from Dalton McGuinty…the original Master of Disaster when it came to blowing Ontario’s fuses…not to mention the budget. But instead of improving things, Kathleen blew the whole fuse panel. It says here that her biggest faux pas was Hydro One’s CEO Mayo Schmidt getting ‘the raise of ALL raises’ in 2017….from a paltry $1.6 Million in 2016 to a whopping/knee-slapping/turn-out-the-lights $6.2 Million last year…under The Premier’s watch. Hey, to be sure, as mentioned, Wynne inherited a real mess from McGuinty….SO damned bad, it coulda/shoulda been easily improved on…even a smidgeon…but did she? (*see above) Anyway, thanks to the readership (pt) for sending this in.

”Take Off The Gloves”
Could be the rallying call as we near the Provincial Election in June. Yours truly heard Ms. Wynne last week talking about readying for a ‘dirty election’. Well, it says here that with Dougie Ford having ANYTHING to do with it….and he certainly DOES…that is the way it will go! Sooner than later. So….SO….with my ‘potential candidacy’ for the Northern Ontario Party for the T Bay/Superior North Riding all but a thing of the past, methinks I’ll grab a couple ‘ringside seats’ for Miz. Jo and me and settle in for what could/will be a real free-for-all. Let’s face it, people, the last couple Ontario elections have been about as exciting as toast. Or maybe watching paint dry? Fordo wasn’t in them…now he is. And just whom will I/we vote for? you ask. Well, not the NOP if I’m not running. The Orange Team? Perhaps. Ms. Wynne? SAY WHAT??!! Well then, how about Ford? Actually, truth be known, I would probably make my ”X” beside Atilla The Hun rather than put it beside Douglas Ford. Jeez….I know lifelong Conservatives that bailed out on the Blue Team about thirty seconds after Fordo was named their Leader!! Rotzy sees him just as a form of ‘election entertainment’…probably right from the get-go…tho probably not in a funny or particularly enjoyable manner. In fact, every tyme I see/hear him on TV, he reminds me of two people….EVERY TYME!!! Thankfully, one of them at a tyme…as the two of ’em would be absolutely unbearable! The first image that hits/smacks me is his brother (the late) Rob Ford, who was surely Toronto’s most publicly embarrassing mayor ever….and Dougie looks more like him every day! ‘Nuff said…I don’t like to bad-mouth people who have passed on. The other image is Donald Trump! Not in the way he looks, but the way he talks acts and treats people. In other words, I see Doug Ford as a ‘boor’. I had a chuckle the other day…actually it was more of a ‘belly laugh’…as he promised that as Premier he ‘would/will fire Mayo Schmidt’! Hey…the thought is a good idea, but laughable when one reasons what kind of ‘severance package’ an outgoing Hydro One CEO would take with him when he leaves the office!! Tell you what Doug, tell him he can keep his job for about $500,000 a year. Ditto for the OEB and OPG bosses too. A couple questions I guess we’ll find out about…how will Ms. Wynne handle this guy’s insults when he gets up a head of steam? and how Dougie is gonna sell himself to Ontarians as to his somewhat checkered past in the GTA drug world. He just might pull it off, you know? Hey, if bulls–t was brass, this guy could be John Philip Sousa!!! Ontario votes in less than two months.

Global Warming & Other Myths
Yes indeed…all’s well NOW with The Weather Channel’s Nakina Area ….as at tyme of writing this column, Sunday, April 22 11:00 AM. Sunny and a High today of 15C….as in +15C as we still have to clarify + and – for now. Quite nice…complete with ‘seasonal temperatures’ The same could NOT be said a week back, as we dug out from under the worst snowstorm of the winter…..tho we’ve been into Spring over a month at this point, dont’cha know?! ‘Global Warming’, eh? Whatever. I’d like to have choked Al Gore and/or his Canadian buddy David Suzuki a number of tymes since Spring sprung and it’s clear to me why they changed it to ‘Climate Change’…..’Warming’ was not/is not working. And it’s not just in Dr. Suzuki’s territory, north of the 49th! Major League Baseball players all over the USA, half frozen out there on the diamond….and who woulda thought balaclavas would become part of their uniform??? (*note*…I gotta apologize to the Editor and “F/N” readers at this point as my paws aren’t working worth a damn this ayem….hence, neither is my pumpkin, so we’ll sign off and try to do better next week. Thanks)

*Thought Of The Day…You’re never too old to learn something stupid. (l.b.)

“From Nakina”…until next tyme.


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