Could the devil be incarnated in the US today?

Crazier? Him or us?
The American in the White House deserves some recognition. For what? For motivation, determination, obstinacy and goal orientation.

The man is incredible. Consider if you would have the chutzpah, the balls, the courage or the backbone to stand up to the millions of people who oppose him daily, to the many admirable international leaders criticize his international policy directions, to the many professional and sincere American journalists who ceaselessly criticize and condemn his many wrongful moves, his many lies. Yet, he still stands, giving every one of the opposing critics the finger! The day will come when he may very well say publicly, “FUCK YOU!” to a journalist, to a politician, maybe even to a world leader. Expect it. It will happen. He has said it in different words already but the day is coming when he will say it outright and blatantly.
In our lowly opinion, he is a boar, a bore, a bully, a bankruptee and a bullshitter. And he doesn’t give a damn who sees him that way. This is the emperor wearing no clothes and standing tall, taller each day. The determination and tenacity this man has are absolutely frightening. He is the energizer bunny on bullying-bullshitter steroids. Nothing stops him and he sees it that way, that nothing is stopping him. So he acts the way he does.
The man likely is certifiable for very likely no normally sane person would be able to cope with such opposition without reconsidering their position and reviewing their motives and thinking. This man does not seem to do that. He just seems to go on and on, emboldened by every new initiative he makes and gets away with. The man is astounding! No one in their right mind could possibly stick to their position so strongly, so vehemently. But he not only does but comes back with even greater force doing something even more outrageous and seemingly gets away with it.
So what are we to do
1. Support free speech, every journalist, every reporter in every media defending their right to state their opinion, speak their mind and voice their comments. The opinion may be wrong but they should have the right to state it. Some may have been seduced by this man, but enough have not and they still speak out against him and write about how outlandish, malevolent and deceitful he is. Free speech must be maintained and protected, strongly and with effort. Right now I can write all this without fear of incarceration or legal reprisal and that must be protected with every bit of energy and effort we have. I do not call the many a criminal or accuse him of criminal activity. That is the responsibility of courts. But I should be able to voice my opinion about him as a politician, about him vs. my value system and thank goodness, we are all able to still do this in our society.
2. Begin the political campaign to defeat this man in the next election and in every election where he might gain some ground for his negative endeavours. Openly and publicly condemn politicians who are on the take, corrupt and accepting of support from lobby groups which need serious and real re-consideration such as the NRA. Publicly criticize every sycophantic politician or political representative who supports the man or any of his crazy views.
3. Publicly and openly criticize and oppose every wrongful policy or action this man makes, takes, initiates. If hiding tax returns is wrong, criticize him; if separating children from their parents, illegal immigrants or not, is wrong, condemn him for doing such a thing; if criticizing him for befriending nations and international leaders who are anti-democracy, anti-freedom, is wrong, then condemn him.
4. Speak out against him and every politician that acts like him, that develops negative policies as he has. Speak out and criticize these politicians giving the public solid and reviewed reasons why they too should oppose such politicians. Politicians should serve the people not dictate, bully and try rule like autocrats.
5. Be strong, be vigilant, be outspoken and be energized. Do not give up the struggle. This man is an incredible force. Religious people may argue he is the devil incarnate. Whether they have a valid case or not is arguable, but we cannot tire of the fight, We must not become inured with the ceaseless onslaught by this man. We must not become bored or apathetic to his malevolence. We must see it for what it is, an incredible force which is working to upset all the ethical, principled and moral truths we have established over generations. Where we see possible evil, we must speak out and fight it with all our strength, all our capacity and never give up the battle.
Join the millions who oppose this kind of leader. He has the right to a life but he should not be accepted as a leader of a democratic, free people. Criticize constructively, be relentless in continuing the opposition to his negative initiatives…do not let this man take another deceitful or negative step toward his ultimate goal whatever that may be. Never give up the battle for justice, morality and truth.
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