COVID: The pandemic continues amid strong local action

There is really nothing to add to the constant dialogue, changes and cross-over between phase three and vaccination schedules as all of you are either aligning with someone to provide resources or, as patients and caregivers, are trying to find a window to receive vaccinations.

Stay close to your local public health unit and watch for opportunities outside of your geography for vaccination availability. COVID does not have geographic borders. 30%-40% of Durham residents whose physicians and pharmacies or hospital care are located in different postal codes and accessing these services is within guidelines. As an example, my medical assistance is in Toronto and I have received two Pfizer shots under the Provincial guidelines. My wife, as an essential caregiver, received her first shot at the Convention Centre, again, within the guidelines.

I have one concern and hear it voiced far too often, “vaccine hesitancy.” Dr Rebecca Wray, Port Perry Medical Associates and part of the Durham Region COVID Team, presented data regarding the issue. If you have any doubts, call your Primary Care provider, our trusted source, and then make your decision. AS Dr. Wray says, “…blood clots are “very, very rare” and occur in one to eight people in every one million who receive the shot. It’s about the same as being struck by lightning.”

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