Demo’s best financial newsletter ever!

Demo Dovolos is a TD Bank wealth management advisor with many years experience in the field of finance. He is our wealth management advisor of choice providing us with regular financial articles in his “Wealth Insights” newsletter. The Spring 2021 issue may be one of the best editions ever as it has thoughtful advice about investment during the pandemic, maximizing tax return claims with home office deductions, and how it may not be the time to just sit still on your investments if you are a self-directed investor. The high level of stock market activity, prolonged low-interest rates and low inflation will not last forever. The financial dam could burst with the end of the pandemic.

Click on the links below to read the articles:

  1. Will markets continue their climb?

  2. Investing during buoyant market times

  3. How much is $30 per week worth?

  4. Tax deductions relating to your home office

  5. Interest rates, inflation and the risk of doing nothing

  6. The importance of having professional wealth management advice.
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