Easter yummies!

In normal times, Easter is a time of worship, celebration and family dining. These are not normal times. 

The family dinner was replaced by baking two hams, one for ‘in house’ consumption for ourselves, the other, delivered to the extended family in their bubble. 

How I baked the ham
I baked the ham with lots of basting with brown sugared pineapple juice, every 20 minutes. for two hours in a 350F oven.

Then, pineapple ring decorating with brown sugar sprinkled over the rings and cherries. 400F oven for 20 minutes, longer if more browning is desired.

The secret
Besting with the brown sugared pineapple juice was the secret to making this ham juicy, sweet and absolutely delicious.

Delivery included one entire ham, dessert sharing, and a half dozen oysters for the nephew who enjoys them as much as I do.

We hope your Easter was a safe, healthy and blessed one as ours was. 

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