July 12 – Turning up the ‘crank’

Errr…he’s becoming a very disguntled old curmudgeon, more so each day that goes by.

You Don’t Tug….
….on Superman’s cape….you don’t spit into the wind….you don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger….and you don’t **** around with Miz.Jo and Rotzy when a much prize-ed parking spot has just opened up and WE instantly claimed/pounced on it! As mentioned last week, parking spots here at #555 Harris Place were/still are at a premium, what with repairs to the wooden fence by a contractor, as well as upgrades by the city works dept to the storm sewers for excess water run-off, the latter of which had opened up a Grand Canyon-style hole! Meaning that some 25 or 30 vehicles had to find a new spot for 4 or 5 days….and that led to a bunch of us oldsters scrambling hither and thither (what a zoo!) and doing a lot more walking than we’re used to….all the while, that damned black Jeep*tm sat in THE prime parking spot….one of five reserved for prospective tenants and contractors, neither of which he qualifies as, for about FOUR months. (*to infer that I was perhaps ‘out to get this guy’ doesn’t really do it….you could say it was/is an ‘obsession’. Anyway, I had said vehicle under observation early/early Thurs ayem….there was no movement, obviously not in a particular rush to do so…..and in to the aft. I left/parked Norm The Truck in front at the north side of the drop-off/pickup area for an hour or so and promptly got a call from Skyline staff asking me to move! Hello?! That went over REALLY well with Rotzy! An hour and fifteen for yours truly and four months for Jeep*tm Man….still no call to him…..s–t….they don’t even know who the **** he is!! Anyway, ’twas tyme for a break….and then somehow the Jeep*tm left. Miz. Jo spotted it missing first, asked if we should ‘deploy’….I ‘mulled it over’ for 2 or 3 seconds and shouted ‘let’s go for it’, or something like that, down the elevator (Jo Ann didn’t bother with her walker) and I was going for Norm as Miz. Jo claimed the spot for us! But suddenly there’s a car going for the spot at the same tyme we were….so we both hollered “WHOA”, or something like that, and defiantly walked right into the MT spot. A rather large, well-muscled 20-something kid….but Rotzy didn’t care who/what he was at the tyme….and I asked/demanded what unit he lived in, and his parking number….neither of which he had/has…..so I ‘suggested’ he ‘go find a spot with a ‘V for Visitor’ marking’ to which he moaned ‘there aren’t any’! I said ”I know….now, you wanna move your Honda so I can park?….I’ve been waiting since 5:00 this morning”! Actually, I did the kid a favour by taking the spot….his girlfriend is a daughter of a staffer we know and I doubt even Skyline would approve of that parking arrangement, you think? So….SO….I told staff if /when The Black Jeep*tm returns to the scene of the crime to ‘write him up/tell him to move’. And if they don’t, Rotzy’s gonna ‘pen him in’ with Norm. (*Update* Mon 12th 7:30AM….Jeep Man just left (for work?)…..he returned to ‘HIS’ #1 Spot yesterday aft…..if management lets him back in there Rotzy’s gonna open a big can of *Whup-ass*tm. Stay tuned.

We’re ‘Good To Go’
….Been a long wait, with Wed July 7th circled on the calendar since back in early March….we got our second COVID vaccine shots, meaning we’ve been ‘Phizered’ twice!! The timing of which is such that it/we will fall right in with the loosening of restrictions/rules/laws/options, and in general, more freedoms in numerous areas that we haven’t had in a LONG tyme. Methinks it’s called Stage 3 of the ‘Grand Re-Opening’. Let’s hope Ontarians don’t abuse it and wind up back where we were. This is the beginning of the period Rotzy spoke of many moons ago…calling it ‘a real pissing contest’…..which I still fully expect it to be. The tyme when anybody/everybody who WANTS to be fully vaccinated IS. Then…..THEN…..those who REFUSE to be will really come into the forefront/limelight. For whatever reason they’ve chosen….and there will be scads of reasons….or for no reason whatsoever….expect things to get quite nasty. For starters….ALL ‘front line caregivers’ (doctors/parameds/EMS/nurses….not to forget firefighters, as pointed out by our “F/N” #2 Proof Reader) MUST be fully vaccinated….this was pointed out by a doctor on Libby Znaimer’s fone in Zoomer Radio show last Fri. Well folks, that’s not rocket science, in fact, that rule should already be in place!! And THAT is why we will NOT get ‘back to normal’ as some like to say….throw ‘rampant doses of paranoia’ into the mix as well….at least for a generation or two. ‘Negative’ you say? Well, you can’t begin to know how much I hope to be proven to be wrong about that….and sooner than later. Whatever. (*see below)

But Don’t Go Thinking….
….for one “F/N” minute that the olde guy is the least bit happy and/or satisfied with the way we were/are/might yet be and/or how long it takes to ‘get the Flying Dutchman off the reef’, let alone ‘back on an even keel’ (*see above). Or become the Captain, and go down with the ship? For Rotzy, this entire mess is all about ‘Frustration’….with a capital ‘F’ (as you see)…..and to be honest, a lot of ‘anger’, most of which is aimed at other’s blatant arrogance/stupidity. Quick example, the Stanley Cup Finals games in Montreal….3000 (approx) fans allowed, wearing masques…..in Tampa Bay arena….18,000 fans, masks not mandatory. It makes Rotzy wonder ( to myself) ”Hey Toad!….why the hell are YOU following the rules?! You are being played for a phool?! What a dink.” So….SO….after the anger, I feel frustrated….that I’m not really accomplishing anything at all….it’s a waste of tyme. Then something, or someBODY, says ”please put your masque on”….. and I do. Hey, there ain’t gonna be NOBODY happier than Rotzy when we get the ‘No More Masks’ verdict handed down to us….Hell, I lose/find/misplace/forget/re-lose/re-find my ‘favourite masque’ half a dozen tymes a day….EVERY day….so I’ll be just delighted to ‘lose it’ for good. But……..I just won’t hold my breath until we get word, OK?

We’ve Had Plenty….
….of company here at Unit #303 the last phew days, altho ‘plenty’ in our world could/would mean more than two. A couple neighbours have popped in….Dayna (not her real name) the Respiratory Nurse from my post ‘Heart Congestion Program’ signed me up for another 60 days, and it seems that most, if not all, is going well….Miz. Jo’s youngest sister (she’s Sisty-Ugler #3 and Jo Ann is S-U #1) came yesterday (Sat) with her daughter Megan (not her real name) from Galt….very kindly bringing lunch from Subway with them. The visit was quite tymely as Sisty #3 is flying up to Thunder Bay this week. She’ll hook up in The Big Turnip with Sisty-Ugler #2 then they’re off to Gerbilton for an extended visit. I axed #3 to say Hi to anybody she might happen upon in G-ton or Nakina (when they go to #2’s camp at Lower Twin Lake) who might still remember Miz. Jo and Rotzy.  We had one more ‘visitor’, tho, as is sometymes the case, the Veggie Fairy was here and gone without actually being spotted, but leaving a note in the large bag of vegetables and a big container of cabbage rolls. As usual, it was #54 (not his real name) and is known as a real ‘menu changer’, however we were/are set for this evening with pot roast, but Monday nie will include the ‘capusta’ a zuccini stir fry with onions, kale, green peppers and zuke of course…to which we’ll add some garlic and a few strips of smoked bacon. MMmmmmm!! We’re not expecting anybody today so will spend some tyme on the 2 garden patches. Buggs and friends did a good tune on my cabbages….13 in 2 rows….but methinks they’ll survive.

There’s A New Pastyme….
….that’s taken North America by storm. Actually, it’s growing world wide….Statue Toppling and Statue Defacing. It seems to me to be a very childish thing to do, and by children who are very poorly mannered/don’t know right from wrong!….to DIS-honour somebody who has been honoured for something or other. Well folks, I guess yours truly grew up in a different tyme and place, or maybe I was a dull child, not given to having funn or taking a chance on getting caught. I don’t believe that kind of ‘funn’ ever crossed my mind….and even today, such an act would be ‘almost unholy’ to Rotzy. A ‘religious feeling’ to it….ANY religion….tho I believe in God, you would colour me anything but devoutly religious. And the thing that bothers me?? Nobody’s got the balls to lay charges and/or make violators pay/replace/repair and/or jail them. Also gaining more popularity is ‘Church Torching’….one on the Six Nations Reserve was burned down a week ago….then…..there was vandalism at the Mohawk Institute School….NOW!!….authorities are afraid The Mohawk Chapel has been targeted for torching….to the point that they have had to install special monitored/protective fencing and other safeguard measures. This is the oldest standing church in Ontario!!…..a ‘gift’ to the Mohawk Indians from Queen Victoria for being allies with the British Army during the American Revolution. And now they/somebody wants to burn it down? I could ask why? But I doubt the answer would make sense….something to the effect of ”reeking of ‘colonialism”.

*Thought Of The Day…Sometymes you get, sometymes you get got.

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