July 26 – Olympics wins GOLD for confusion, chaos and scandals

Confusion about Olympics spreading and Rotzy underlines how ridiculous it is becoming. Plus, he has a good point….can you name one current Canadian Olympic team member? One who has won a medal and been in the news does not count unless known before the victory.

I Wanna Start Off….
….with a couple ‘F/U’s (follow-ups) on items that appeared in last week’s Times-Star….firstly, *the Damage And Destruction piece on rabbits taking all the cabbages down to ground level in my patch over at the Hope C/R Garden’s. Good news!! Buggs and his buddies don’t like red pepper flakes….a remedy Miz. Jo found on Facebook*tm….don’t like ’em at all! The leaves are back to where they were two weeks ago, and starting to ‘fold inward’….a good sign. Also, they’ve shown no interest in the peas, with a good helping of flakes all around them too. Also, **a catch-up on Rotzy’s Cell Fones 101 Course…..things were coming along tickedy-boo….if maybe a tad on the slow side….until last Wed aft whilst taking more fotographs over at my Garden Of Hope. All of a sudden my Samsung Galaxy rang! Jeez! An incoming call for ME!! Surely from my teacher, altho I had already missed one earlier on that day from a ‘mystery caller’! Well Hombre, we got trouble in River City….Rotzy goes El Blanco when multi-tasking….like trying to answer the fone whilst getting out of ‘fotograph mode’ and Sammy keeps on ringing….I’m phumbling around with the damn thing like a hot potato, it’s still ringing!….AND….as I found out ten minutes later, I’m still ‘doing the shutterbug thing’ with shots of the ground, the sky, and a ****ing scary SELFIE!! My first, and methinks you can see the ‘terror in my eyes’, hence Miz. Jo made it go away/destroyed it. S–t. I was really upset with Sammy….so I coughed….more than once….but I wasn’t close to him, so they were definitely ‘far coughs’!! I had had it….then I said (to myself) “C’mon Toad….get your s–t together, you quitter, quitter, quitter….nya nya  nya nya nya….you big chicken….cluck cluck cluck”! “Oh puh-leeze” was the reply….or something like that. “Ya just had a bad day, Bucko….(”BUCKO”!!!!????)….ya need to git back up in the saddle”! So….SO….I’m kinda thinking ”who’s the horse’s ass around here”? But anyway I did. Get back in the saddle….and Miz Jo responded with a rather ‘easy’ lesson for Fri aft, mainly concentrating on how to turn the volume up for the speaker. Methinks I can remember that….but yours truly needs to improve on ‘answering incoming calls’. Oh, by the bye, I can now leave a message if no one answers at the other end. Hey….I’m still hanging in.***A quick reminder to get your entry in for The ”F/N” Re-Name Dundas St. Contest’….we got some goodies but want more….send yours to jbrotz@bell.net….and win the ride on Mr Amazon’s Rocketship! Do it now!!

Health Update/’Real And Virtual’
    ”Doing good” I said to Dr. Mann yesterday when asked….’virtually’ of course…..because it was to be a ‘virtual appointment’ at 1:30 PM. Well, firstly, Dr. Mann’s call came just before 1:00 PM….which was fine by me…..and secondly, Dr. Mann was a wo-man. That was OK too. The thing is, I had an appointment with a Dr. Szalay….not sure if it’s a he or she but it IS a ‘vascular surgeon’ on Barton St in Hamilton. Well, Dr. Mann is a ‘vascular surgeon’ as well….methinks they operate on/repair very-close veins and cetera….and they both work out of the same clinic, so I expect Dr. Man just happened to ‘pull my number’. We went over ‘virtually’ everything since Rotzy’s congestive heart issues that put me into BGH for a week early in March, right up to, and including my recent weekly/bi-weekly visits for my ankle and leg wrappings. Bottom line, Dr. Mann just said (loosely quoted) ‘all seems well, no surgeries to be done, so keep on doing what you’re doing….and maybe we’ll do a follow-up ultrasound in six months or so’. Sounds good to me doc….and thanks for another successful ‘virtual’ appointment.

Olympics And Stuff
    Last Saturday at 7:30 ayem found Rotzy sitting down front in Norm The Truck, sipping on my second mug of Nabob Original Grind Coffee and having a puff. I’m sure a number of people would/will find that odd….I mean the Nabob, not the fag….as anybody entering or seen on #555 Harris Place property holding onto anything but Timmy’s Coffee….one or more of them….is a ‘rare bird/oddity’ indeed! Don’t get me wrong….I like Horton’s, but at $!7/$18 a can?….no thanks. And/or to drive down to the mall, and sit in line for 5-10 minutes to bring a take-out home? Not me!  Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked here….so it was me with my Nabob, tuned into CBC Sports, and waiting ‘on bated breath’ for results of some of the early events from Tokyo. You know….the Summer Olympics….from Japan! Yessssss….indeed! The ones held every FOUR years….sometymes FIVE. (*see below) Yesss….the 2020/21 Games are the ones that the Japanese people do NOT want….at all. Yesss….the ones that fans are NOT allowed at. And TV coverage…camera and voice….will be sparse…for the network(s) fortunate enough to have ‘won’ the contract bidding. A sad state, huh? The ONE good thing to emerge from that mess is they will NOT be using ‘canned cheering/applause’ during broadcasts!! That says to me they ARE expecting at least SOME viewers! Well, good luck CBC, and mark one up for sanity. So….SO….if anybody cares, methinks Canada’s first medal was a Silver….and it was in a Women’s Swimming Relay Race that Canada ‘was expected to medal in’….so that’s a good thing!! The next item was on the Singles Canoe/Kayak Competition….and Rotzy found it a tad odd. No….I found it VERY odd…..and wondering if I heard it right? It was CBC….noting that there were/are Mens and Womens competitions/competitors….BUT….this woman (?) says they need a division for LGTBFQ. I hope I have the right letters in the proper order there….I also hope I mis-heard the report. But it says here that the two existing divisions are quite enough, thank you. So….SO….the fact is that Japan picked the wrong year….2020….to host The Games took place a LONG tyme ago, ’cause that’s the way the IOC works. But when 2020 became 2021 and in early ’21 the wordly mess we were STILL in, they coulda/shoulda said ”See you in ’22”! The gov’t chose not to. So far, since Opening Day last week over 90 athletes/coaches/staff have tested COVID-Positive. I doubt Japan will change its’ stance, so if the games ‘end early’, it’ll be from countries leaving on their own. I don’t know how typical yours truly is of fans/supporters of the Canadian Olympic Team….not very, I hope….I rather doubt I could name even ONE single athlete….an individual or on a team. Altho I know of/knew of Ben Johnson….and of course Charlie Francis…..but that’s another tale. Sorry.

Martha  And The Vandellas’….
    ….’Heat Wave’ is right back in style here in/around Brant’s Ford again….today’s 30C with a F/L 38C….following a day of fairly heavy rains, meaning no garden watering for Rotzy today. That combination has really got gardens growing here this year, floral and veggies….and the weeds over at Hope C/R Gardens are like NOTHING I’ve ever seen before….three and four feet tall!!….I’m thinking about 25% of the ‘wannabe gardeners’ in the 58 plots have ‘given up all hope’ of harvesting anything this fall. I also gotta get after Skyline to replace the hose at #575 so Wheelchair Bobber and me can go play under the spray and cool off some….along with a Mike’s Lemonade*tm of course. Heard about ‘forest fires around the Nakina area’ from Twennie, our #2 P/R, (not his real name)…..so Miz. Jo and I hope all friends and family are not in danger. And yes, we appear to be rid of the lingering smoke we had here from North-west Ontario last week. Stay safe!

*Thought Of The Day…Senility has been a smooth transition for me. Really smooth.

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