May 11 – snowpeas, Snowbirds, and snowflakes…yikes

Rotzy lamenting about too much snow…snowpeas, Snowbirds and snowflakes…it’s spring, for heaven’s sake.

Order In/Take Out Day….
….has been/still is in effect every Fri here in Unit #303 since Oct 2018, a ‘pact’ that Miz. Jo and I agreed to which doesn’t allow for either of us to do any food preparations/cooking and/or baking…..stove or nukester only can be used for heating/re-heating of food. Anyway, last week, after Jo Ann reluctantly agreed to Rotzy’s request for Chinese, a ‘funny’ thing happened as I was driving west on Charing Cross to pick up our order….the kind of ‘funny’ one doesn’t laugh at. It was snowing lightly as I left the Harris Place parking lot, but suddenly it’s like a Jan blizzard, and coming down to beat the band, to the point I had to put Norm The Truck’s wipers on and leave them on. Jeez! It’s MAY EIGHTH!! Not March 8th. We’re still having flurries as I write this Sat 9:30AM with some of them even gathering on the balcony, ‘frost warning’ last night and tonight, yet (apparently) Mother’s Day is gonna be 13C and lotsa sun. As is usually the case, I blame Al Gore and his damned Global Warming, perhaps his pal Dave Suzuki has a hand in it too, ya think? The good news is that Miz. Jo surprised me when she said she ‘really liked the (new-to-us) ****1/2 stars Chinese food’! And that’s fine by me!

Readers Write
And this comment makes nothing but sense to yours truly….having ‘been there and done that’. *If you are ‘of a certain age’, altho to be sure you don’t need to be an oldster, you surely must recall those continous cloth roll dispenser towels that adorned the wall of every gas station rest room on the continent, not to mention restaurants and even public washrooms (from circa 1950 to 1980)….and you had cause to use them from tyme to tyme, the odds are heavily in your favour that you are immune to everything! And your system is likely comparable to that of a canal horse

We Just Got Word….
….that the Harris Place All-Star Choir….the ones that sang/sing O CANADA every Sun at 12:00 Noon is going to be joined this week by a Piper!! And, that chances are good we’ll see some new faces joining in today too. Of course I expect there will be a number of residents out strolling the grounds this (Sat) afternoon (*see below)….while maintaining the required proper physical distancing….with hopes of getting a glimpse of the SNOWBIRDS flying overhead. Latest reports on the news said they’ll be flying over Hamilton at 12:45PM today and their airport is just a stone’s throw from Harris Place….in fact we can see quite a bit of the Annual Hamilton Air Show right from here.

Bad Day At Black Rock
I was managing to cope in a world without Millie Small OK last weekend….she had a hit record with her ‘novelty’ rock song ”My Boy Lollipop” (who ‘made (her) heart go giddy-up’) in the late 50’s and passed away a week back. *Note….this was not to be confused with ”Lollipop”, a great harmonies tune by the Chordettes around the same tyme. Anyway, as I said I was handling things just fine until word came on the w/end Richard Penniman had caught the bus at 87. Little Richard!! He was/is the King of Rock & Roll….and he was very adamant about the title. Elvis, Pat Boone and cetera were always ‘borrowing’ his songs to ‘whiten them up’ so the record executives could reach the largely white audiences….a common practice in the 50’s and 60’s. Well, Good Golly Miss Molly! Rock on, King Richard, rock on!!!

Corona Corner
This is sort of a ‘best of’ type thing, certainly borne out of the volume of I/B emails from readers….and trying to cope with/make light of this terrible mess we’re mired in, ya think? And for ‘the Corner’s’ first appearance, it so happens all four items come/came from the same reader. Check ’em out! 1/They say you can’t fix stupid. Turns out you can’t quarantine it either. 2/ Gonna ask my Momma if that offer to ‘slap me into next year’ is still on the table. 3/ Mom also told me I wouldn’t accomplish anything by laying in bed all day….but look at me now….I’m saving the world! 4/ Not to brag, but I’ve been avoiding people long before the outbreak broke out. (thanks….and keep ’em coming)

Snowbird Update (*see above)
“Ahh Rats!!”….to quote Charlie Brown….as the Snowbirds were cancelled yesterday, grounded at Pearson International because of snow, wind, low cloud cover and poor visibility. Today’s weather sounded good….yesterday….but the clear blue skies at sunrise have clouded over completely. Well, O Canada is ‘a go’ for sure….and it would be really cool if the Snowbirds passed overhead just as we finish the anthem!! Before the piper pipes up with Amazing Grace.

I need for y’all to keep this one under your hats, if you don’t mind, OK? Because it concerns Skyline Living, the kindly keepers/owners here at Harris Place….tho it has nothing to do with catalytic converters going AWOL in our parking lot. After a number of tenants complaints right here at #555 Harris Place, via word of mouth and on Facebook*tm regarding  the 2019 Xmas display/arrangements, consisting of a couple narrow pieces of white birch, some rust-coloured pine bows and a swath of wide, badly faded, plaid ribbon. STILL sitting in two cement pots outside the front doors of our building. And then they were GONE(!)….5:30AM this morn before I had my coffee and a puff in Norm The Truck. Turfed them in the blue trash bin, and kept the two nice deep, 12″ plastic pots. So….SO…Rotzy is gonna ‘play dumb’ if anybody mentions it, and somebody else can look after the artificial Xmas tree in the lobby, which has been de-decorated, but methinks the lites are on it permanently. Anyway, we’ll try to end this on a positive note for Skyline….their lawn and gardens contractor somehow managed to cut the grass TWICE this week!! Last May it looked like a hayfield gone all wrong well before they got tuit, and they don’t own a hay-bailer….but it sure smelled good!

*Thought Of The Day…Why do evening news announcers begin with ‘Good Evening’ and then proceed to tell us why it isn’t.

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