NDP candidate: Eileen Higdon, late starter

NEW DEMOCRAT candidate

Eileen Higdon is a later starter which will make her candidacy even more challenging. Eileen was the NDP candidate last federal election, where she campaigned against the very strong Liberal candidate, Jennifer O’Connell.

Higdon has the same problem this campaign.

Born in Scotland, trained as a Registered Nurse and Midwife came to Canada in 1973. We moved to Pickering in 1979. I have three sons, three granddaughters.

I was elected to Pickering Town Council in 1991.

1992-2002 I founded and ran The Frenchmans Bay Festival and organized the community to paint fishes on 80% of storm drains in urban Pickering.

In 1995-2007 I sat on the Durham Halliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge District Health Council as Pickering’s representative.

I am the executive director of St. Mary Madeline Roman Catholic Women’s Priest Community under auspices of Rev. Roberta Fuller.

Eileen’s message:
We must stand for a radically different approach to our global climate crisis and stand tall against the fear-mongering. When we believe in change and commit to a whole-hearted effort we are able to achieve incredible things together. When we look at Health-Care in this country, the Pension Index, Tax Reform, and the Constitution of Canada Act we can see the potential that we the NDP carry, when we walk, arm-in-arm, with each other towards a better future for our country and our children.

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