Night Madness: a book to put on your reading list

Night Madness
Rick Pyves
A son’s tribute to his father.

The passing of his mother was a traumatic event in the life of Rick Pyves, Canadian author of Night Madness, not only because of the obvious severity of losing one’s mother, but also because it reconnected Rick with the military service history of his father, a service which would have traumatic mental effects. The reconnection inspired Pyves into writing an emotional and sensitive war story based on his father’s record as a tail gunner in a Canadian Royal Airforce bomber in WWII.

The book should be considered as essential reading by anyone interested in or having any relationship with a WWII veteran. It is the dramatic and emotion-filled recounting of days of military service of Pyves’ father. Pyves Sr. was a tail gunner in a Canadian forces bomber flying bombing missions over Germany in the closing stages of the war, the most devastating and lasting run being the bombing of the city of Dresden. 

Pyves, the younger, dedicates his book to the memory of his father and his service but he takes it further when he dedicates it to all veterans who suffer the battle scars of their combat engagement which emotes itself in the traumatic mental personal battle known as PSTD (Posttraumatic stress disorder). Pyves’s children showed the seriousness and extent of their father’s emotional-mental suffering years after the war, a childhood relationship with their father that could never have been normal.

Another of the important goals of the book is to prod the Canadian government into developing more and better psychological and medical assistance for armed forces veterans who suffer this debilitating mental trauma.

Consider giving your support to the cause by reading Rick Pyves’ Night Madness.

View Rick Pyves summary of his book at NIGHT MADNESS.



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