You’re entitled to a refund!”

The scam goes on instructing you to press certain keys….

It’s a scam. Just hang up. Do not press any numbers at all.

This is a ‘whale’ of a scam. All the scammers want is for you to connect your phone to their computer system by pressing any key on your phone. They make it sound legitimate by saying different numbers will result in different action:

1. to obtain your refund;
2. to refuse the refund:
3. to talk to a company representative;
4. to reject this call completely.

Do not believe it. Any number will activate the process they have programmed for their scam. DO NOT PRESS ANY NUMBER. Just hang up.

If you press any number, they then reel you in. Your phone will be connected to their system, likely recording any phone numbers or number sequence you invoke. Imagine fi you do any phone financial transactions.

DO NOT PRESS ANY KEY. Instead, simply hang up.

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