JUST MY OPINION...: Remembrance Day Service at Sunnybrook

Eva’s father-in-law served and was remembered.


Just my opinion….

This Remembrance Day we decided to venture back to Sunnybrook Hospital for its Armistice Day Celebration. It was only fitting that we do that as it was the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI; my father-in-law spent the last 5 years of his life at Sunnybrook’s K-wing, the veterans’ wing; and he died in his 100th year, just a few years ago. He too served his country well and he was proud of it.

Sunnybrook Hospital was founded in 1948 for the returning wounded soldiers. Today, there are still 472 war veterans remaining at the facility representing WWII and Korean veterans.

Upon arrival at the service, a sea of Canadian flags greeted the participants. In fact, there were 47,000 of them blowing in the wind. The grounds, every square cm, covered with flags. A flash of white and red set against the green background was outstanding. It set the mood for the sombre but moving service that followed.

Every aspect of the military was represented by a wreath placed at the very front of the display in the Great Hall. Some of the veterans were in wheelchairs, some with walkers, and some with the help of relatives made their way up the front carrying a wreath. I watched in admiration as a young war vet from the Afghanistan war in a wheelchair, held himself so proud to have served for peace, honour and freedom. At that moment I realised that not only were we remembering the fallen but also honouring the brave men and women who are still serving with honour and distinction in many hot spots throughout the world. The soldiers, then and now, left families behind and gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives to keep us safe and free. And freedom comes with a heavy price.

Every speech, every hymn, every poem, the pride in country and the willingness to fight and sacrifice. It was heartwarming to observe so many young people in the audience, who will no less, carry on the message of hope, sacrifice and gratitude for gaining freedom and peace for many years to come.

___________________“Lest We Forget!”

Éva H.

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