Requiem for a riding partner, Feb. 6, 2021

I have motorcycled across much of North America from coast to coast and down to the Gulf of Mexico, always with my great travel partner. Dependable, at the ready always, never demanding. She never let me down, rain, shine, even frigid cold though she and I always avoided ice and snow. Through heat, humidity, the hottest summer days. New Orleans was one of the worst in terms of heat and humidity but she didn’t let me down. She never tired, never complained, never refused. Dinner was never something she expected. I drank some of finest wines anywhere, she gave them a pass. I fueled myself with some fine dining while on road trips, she gave those memorable meals a pass too.

She wasn’t that old. She had lots of life left in her when she left. She was still capable, maintained her strength and her power. I couldn’t. Age, mine, not hers, got to me. Age crept up and weakened me. Age clawed away my strength, my capability, even my balance to some extent. Not for her. She could still deliver even as she left.

So it is with great sadness I bid her goodbye and wish her safe travels.

Adieu partner… [ click PHOTO ]


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